Serpentis Sanctum/Haven

I’ve been doing some ratting in alliance owned nullsec for awhile (Serpentis Hubs) and was wondering about the next level up; Serpentis Havens. However my corp-mates say that at the final wave theres a chance of an NPC dreadnought spawn which would presumably be insta-death. I’ve been wondering what the chances are that such an NPC dreadnought would spawn in the final wave and if it does happen, is there anything I can do to escape the site or will it destroy me before I can get out? Also if there are any other dangers I should know of other than the potential dreadnought please say so.

If you orbit your VNI at 50km, the dreadnought won’t do anything to you. Just warp off. If you are AFK, you might die, though, but that’s fine as all AFK VNIshtars deserve to die. A carrier has no issues tanking the dread or super either.

Maybe you should ask your alliance mates about these things in more detail as they live there and have been carebearing there. They are the experts, not someone on a public forum.

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After living in Stain our small alliance moved to Fountain and I ran a few havens and sanctums whenever I could, though never afk.
If a NPC dread is showing up, do as Rivr says, just warp of or if you have a buddy with a carrier, let him kill it for you.
My Myrmidon of course wouldn’t be able to. By the way, you can run all levels of DED complexes in a Myrmidon also if you want, even the 8 and 10 / 10.

Ya I tried to ask them but they just kept avoiding the question so I decided the forums would be a good place to ask while my corp-mates are busy. After all, they were roaming while I was too busy making ISK from ratting in order to make sure I can keep being omega. Thx for the tips, However isn’t it semi-random where in the group a dreadnought would spawn and therefore it’s mostly down to luck wrether or not it spawns within 50km of me?

Great mates. :thinking:

If you run a rock haven, the Dread always appear at the gate in the center where the other NPC appear. Since you orbit the gate, it will always be at about that distance from you. If you run a gas cloud haven, it appears where the last wave appears. There’s no randomness to it. Especially in the rock haven, it can bump off of the gate structure or the rock formations into your direction if you are unlucky, though.

Hello, I am currently running blood havens in a abbadon.
A t1 battleship with decent tank and faction damage should still struggle with it.
Faction cruisers and battleships are probably your best bet.
If a dread spawns just save your location with a hotkey and warp off.
They are worth 60 mil bounty before loot, loots normally 6 mil before salvage so its very much worth the time of a carrier pilot to deal with.

Though yes they do a lot of damage, and no battleship can break its tank, asduming you are fitted for the rats, a battleship has enough time to warp off safley, and a cruiser can easily signature tank till you warp off.

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