A few combat anom / DED site questions

O/ capsuleers,
I’m new to ratting and had a few questions regarding the combat anoms and DED sites.

  • What is the difference between the class and level numbers? Example: class 8 level 3, class 8 level 1

  • Is there an increased chance at faction loot from haven and sanctuary sites vs hubs and rally points? Or is it just random faction spawns for non ded sites

  • I know the syndicate 10/10 shipyard requires 1k dmg from 50km + for the last room to take down the structure without armor repping, is there any dmg caps I need to hit for the syndicate haven, sanctuary, or 8/10 syndicate sites? I have only cleared a few variations of the hubs and rally points so far.

#1 sounds like you found passkey items. They used to be keys in the past to the activate the acceleration gates to the next room of the DED complex. The requirement of keys to activate the gates was removed a long time ago and now they are just collectibles.
Speaking from experience, #2 is more random than anything but supposedly the security level of your system has an influence on how often a faction spawn can appear.
#3 The 10/10 Shipyard escalation results from the Havens and Sanctums. The escalations resulting from Forsaken Rallypoints are the DED 8/10, from the Forsaken Hub the unrated Fleet Staging Points.
In the 10/10 you do not even need 1,000 DPS, a solo Ishtar can kill the structure without problems once it stopped repairing.
The FSP requires a very tanky ship because of the energy neutralizer pressure and the massive damage from the citadel torpedo the final structure fires at you.
The 8/10 is arguably trickier than the 10/10 because you are webbed by the final structure and the room has tackle NPC that can ruin your day if your tank breaks. You need more than 1200 DPS to break the tank of the structure. Search the internet for tricks for this complex. :wink:
And don’t mix up anomalies (Havens, Sanctums, Forsaken Hubs, Forsaken Rally Points) with DED complexes (Serpentis Shipyard, Prison Camp). They are two different kinds of ratting environment. The anomalies do not require any special equipment for clearing them, some DED complexes do.

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I can rep 1.2k shield per 3.2s with high thermal and kinetic resists, that should be tanky enough yeah? Also the neuts are from the anom or the 8/10 dead?

The Fleet Staging Point’s final boss structure or neutralizer towers there neut you. The Serpentis 8/10 and 10/10 don’t have any neutralizers.

That’s tanky enough for the 10/10, and I would say tanky enough for the 8/10 if you can get the webifier effect off of your ship. For the FSP, I am not sure this is enough.



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