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I was just doing some Combat Sites (Anomalies) with a friend in Fleet (Executioner + Caracal ). After doing a couple of Blood Burrows, we decided we needed more challenge. I had seen a Blood Den earlier when I was roaming by myself. I knew this was tougher because I have seen Combat Sites. We headed over and promptly got blown the hell up.

For Anomalies it has Class + Level. Which is more important for determining difficulty? Is a Class 1, Level 4 (Blood Forlorn Hideaway) easier or more difficult than a Class 4, Level 1 (Blood Den)?

Is there any reference, 3rd party or otherwise that says what ship(s) you need to take the site down? And about what loot you may get?

Sorry, lots of questions here.

i’m assuming The “class” is difficulty Class 1 being easiest and Class 10 being hardest. from my experience with the Guristas.
Level 1 would be easier than Level 4, if you notice that Level 1 is called Blood Den, where as Level 4 is called Blood Forlorn Den. Forlorn being the most difficult Until you get to Sanctum or Haven.

I wouldn’t take anything less than 2 Cruisers if you are going to do Dens. depending on the fits used. I was using a Armor VNI in null doing Gurista Forlorns

Also, if the Blood Den was in Low, you could have been shot by something other than NPC.

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Still from the list on the Combat page on EveU. You would think that a Class 2 should be more difficult than a Class 1 Level 4. But I can tell you the Forlorn Hideaway (Class 1) throw A LOT more at you than Burrows (Class 2)

I gotta get a bigger ship.


Class from 1 to 10 generally scale difficulty generally nice but level is like another part. To compare difficulty you need to compare forlorn anomaly with another forlorn anomaly not with lvl 0 site with site on steroids.

About ship. any t2 fitted cruiser will do them without problem. Your loot is either commander spawn or escalation. Some sites don’t have either one so ignore them (you can see on EVEUni wiki which sites can escalate and/or have commander spawn). Salvaging and looting normal rats is not worth your time.

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heretic you are right
variants (forlorn, forsaken etc.) are much more difficult than the basic site, and, according to my experience, they can be more difficult than the “upper class but basic type” combat site

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Anomalies in Highsec can be finished in a T1 Destroyer with a 4 week old char, at least that’s what I did the last weeks. The frigs are weak, the turrets are somewhat active but quite easy to kill, and the cruisers don’t inflict much DPS.
But well, it wasn’t Blood Raider space, I’ve got to give it a try there.

Those brings back memories, good’ol days (Eve is dope and for now I’m trying to fight the urge to log on.) and I used to run alike sites off fleet hours, too bad I lost all my bookmarks. I’d use svipul (if in a hurry) or vexor/vni/dps drones etc. Try ask in the in game help channel after dt hours, most of the long time helpers or ISDs there might still have sets of bookmarks to link you to. Anyhow, have a good time.

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Not all anomalies in high-sec are easy - the standard ones have a system of difficulty, but there are non-standard ones too.

I ran into one earlier this week that killed me in a Jackdaw, called The Demonstration, in Minmatar space and had wall-to-wall Arch Angels, web+scram. (I wasn’t the first person to die there, either, given the wrecks I saw.) It was a shame I didn’t have any other ships in the area capable of taking them on…

Hard to say that but this is only because lack of knowledge. If you don’t know site, google it. There are epic arc’s sites (like one you mentioned), COSMOS sites etc. that are way different from exploration anomalies. Google is key to success.

OK, tried the Blood Den site with my new Char in a Vexor. My repper had some work to do, so it may be quite hard for a Destroyer, I admit.

The “A Demonstration” site is not a normal anomaly, that’s true, the only benefit for Newbros is to train how to get out of messy situations like these. That means to identify the scrammers and primarize targets under pressure before warping away.

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