Faction BS in high trusec systems

I know that the lower (or higher depending on what way you look at it) trusec level of a null sec system holds a better chance of getting officer spawns, but does it also increase the chance of Faction Battleship spawns when doing combat sites like Havens?

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I seem to recall hearing somewhere that the answer was no. But I would definitely take that with a grain of salt.


Bookmarked this yesterday as also feel that some understanding is needed as most pve mission / ratting playstyles do require closure on the increased Omega/Plaex Prices.

Don’t wish to call them out though I do invite them to give offer some information regarding the loot table.

Even though i would be interested to know how their spawns and loot drops work i think they shouldn’t as it will take away a bit of gameplay and if players know where the spawns and loot drops happen everyone will be there which is not wanted.

Judging by how eve is (risk+effort=reward) i would say that the better spawns/loot drops will happen more in low, null and wh space.

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