Officer Module Rebalance

First off, I wanted to say that I really appreciate CCP’s upcoming change to faction and officer guns being able to use T2 ammo! I’ve wanted this change for years. These overlooked items will now become valuable and create a market for them. That being said, I think another similar change would be good for the game. So here goes…

I think adjusting the values on certain kinds of officer modules (like those whose stats match X-Type) would be an amazing change for the game. When the stats on officer modules were determined, 10/10’s were probably rare and very difficult to do, so having both sources of these items wasn’t so bad. Today, these high end complexes are over farmed, but officer spawns remain incredibly rare. It feels terrible to actually kill a top tier officer, but recieve an item that’s basically an X-Type or worse. I really like the idea of having ultra rare spawns with super covetable loot. It gives players something to look forward to and get excited about when they find one.

For the record, I’ve found Draclira Merlonne twice in the past month by actively looking. From these two heart pounding experiences, I got a single Modified Thermal Plating, so it’s not like finding one even guarantees a payday - which is fine! That’s EVE as it should be. I just wish actually getting those modules felt special when it does happen.

CCPlease <3

I don’t understand the issue, I’m afraid :confused:
Basically, you’d like the officer modules to be a bit over X-Type deadspace stuff, so it can justify hunting them ?

If it’s something near that, to be honest it’s always great to fight an officer. Sadly, I’ve never done that…
Draclira, Estamel and all top tier officers generally have nice payouts when you do manage to kill them (apparently Estamel can tank two carriers without problems). Some people are talking about fifty billions ISK in a single wreck… That’s not everyday you can get a fitted supercarrier from a single rat, eh.

Some of the Officer mods could do with a bit of a tweak - Kaikka’s for instance are usually a bit um cack. Draclira’s and Estamel’s are usually decent.

Can’t remember if it was Draclira or Estamels now think Estamel but I had to bail out someone’s carrier once (pre capitals changes when carriers had triage) as it got capacitor nuked in seconds flat hah - never did get the NPC kill as we didn’t have the setup to hand to beat it.

EDIT: Must have been Draclira as that is the one with the crazy neuts.

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