Just a quick question for a CSM

Hi CSM member,
I have been having trouble finding some info about which team is responsible for the remaining module tiericide re balancing. Since you guys are more familiar with CCP internals I thought one of you might know?


There’s a new balance team! :smiley:
(Once they’re fully stood up. I don’t think they have a name yet)

Thanks for the quick reply Steve. I guess if I have to make a post I’ll address it to the “Newfangled Balance Team”.

Anything in particular you want brought up?

We have a summit next week.

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I’ll vote for giving tiercide higher priority. They’ve been working on it for 3 years now - lets get it done!

Weapons were supposed to be done this summer (709 modules) and there isn’t a whole lot of summer left! Did this get shuffled to the back burner or is it still on track for September?

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Pretty much what do little is saying. Time to bite the bullet and push the rest of it thru. It does disrupt players but just a little more pain to get it done.

From a player perspective finishing tiercide is all good.

Meta modules will be player built using named components which will likely replace modules in the loot tables. Outside of highsec it should be easier to build doctrine fits locally without needing to ship meta modules in from Jita.

Right now CCP has several half finished projects - let’s recommend they complete a project before starting a new one!

CCP announced during fanfest that the Winter expansion will be primarily focused on new content in Empire space.

It is not there anymore o_O
source: https://updates.eveonline.com/coming/winter/

My question is, what happend ?

Regards, a Freelancer

I suggest you start a new topic about it.