Tiericide - The never ending story

(Neugeniko) #1

Just reposting this thread as its useful for people coming back to see what has changed.

CCP officially announced a major rebalancing initiative with the ‘Rebalancing EVE, one ship at a time’ developer blog on the 6/3/2012. This initiative started with Inferno 1.0 which modified some T1 frigates on the 22/5/2012.

I know a lot of old timers who can fly many ships have enjoyed the progress, as every few releases they get a major change to one of their favorite ships. The following is a summary of how the re-balancing is progressing.

I have also included the progression of tiericide with modules.

Let me know if I missed something in patch notes since late 2011, I think I may have missed some minor tweaks done to ships in the ‘no rebalance yet’ category. I’ll keep this post updated if it doesn’t get locked due to CCP inactivity :).

Some rebalancing was done prior to the announcement and i’ve included those. The whole rebalance initiative was in response to the Incarna backlash, refocusing the game around spaceships again. I’ve also listed the new ships since Incarna.

Won’t be rebalanced
Special edition ships as listed under the special editions market category. Some small exceptions - NEW* CONCORD ships, Some others.

Major rebalance done
Subcapital T1 ships (except ORE Industrial and Shuttles) (*NEW 2ND T1 Destroyer and Attack Battlecruisers for each race. A T1 Mining Frigate, Precursor Ships *NEW - Coming Jun '18)
T1 Freighters (*NEW T1 ORE Freighter - Bowhead for moving assembled ships)
Subcapital Faction ships (*NEW 4 Faction Disruption Frigates, 4 Faction Battlecruisers, 3 Sisters of EVE & 3 Mordu’s Legion Ships)
T2 Assault frigates (Tweaked just prior to the re balancing initiative)
T2 Blockade runners
T2 Combat recon ships
T2 Command ships
T2 Deep space transports
T2 Electronic attack ships
T2 Exhumers
T2 Expedition frigates *NEW
T2 Force recon ships
T2 Heavy assault cruisers
T2 Heavy interdiction cruisers
T2 Interceptors
T2 Interdictors
T2 Jump freighters
T2 Marauders
T2 Stealth bombers
T3 Destroyers *NEW
T2 Command Destroyers *NEW
T2 Logistic Frigates *NEW
T3 Strategic cruisers
T1 Industrial command ships (*NEW Porpoise mining boosting ship)
T1 Capital industrial ships
Faction Capitals (*NEW Faction Capitals)
T1 Triglavian Ships *NEW
T1 Force Auxiliary Capital *NEW
T1 Carriers
T1 Dreadnoughts
T1 Supercarriers
T1 Titans

Major rebalance coming soon ™
T2 Black ops (Some tweaks done)

No major rebalance yet

T1 ORE Industrial
T1 Shuttles
T2 Covert ops
T2 Logistics (some tweaks)

Modules rebalanced
Reactor Control Units
Micro Auxiliary Power Cores
Light Missile Launchers
Capacitor Flux Coils
Cargo Scanners
Ship Scanners
Survey Scanners

Mining Lasers
Mining Laser Upgrades
Ice Harvester Upgrades
Expanded Cargoholds
Nanofiber Internal Structures
Reinforced Bulkheads
Inertial Stabilizers
Overdrive Injectors
Power Diagnostic Systems
Capacitor Power Relays
Capacitor Rechargers

Shield Extenders
Armor Plates

Warp Disruption Field Generators
Shield Power Relays
Shield Flux Coils
Shield Rechargers
Remote Repair Modules

Tracking Disruptors
Target Painters
Sensor Dampeners
ECM and Burst Jammers
Tracking Upgrades
Damage Upgrades
Stasis Webifiers
Warp Disruptors and Scramblers
Sensor and ECCM Modules
Cap Batteries
Damage Controls

Still to be done
Signal Distortion Amplifiers
Automated Targeting Systems
Passive Targeting Systems

Capacitor Boosters
Remote Capacitor Transmitters

Gas Cloud Harvesters

Armor Hardeners
Armor Repairers
Energized Armor Layerings
Energized Platings
Hull Repairers
Layered Platings
Resistance Platings

Jump Economizers
Warp Accelerators
Warp Core Stabilizers

Shield Boost Amplifier
Shield Boosters
Shield Hardeners
Shield Resistance Amplifiers

Energy Turrets
Hybrid Turrets
Projectile Turrets
Missile Launchers (Except Light Missile Launchers)


(Wander Prian) #2

All capital ships have been rebalanced when CCP redid them.

(Neugeniko) #3

Was there hull changes or just to modules/fighters? If so which patch?

(Wander Prian) #4

Ccp redid pretty much everything. Attributes,bonuses and fitting changed as well as new modules added.


(Neugeniko) #5

There are no changes to the hulls since 2012 declared in the patch notes. Weird. I’ll wait for more confirmations.

(Neugeniko) #6

I’ll go look at a few year old pyfa.

(Wander Prian) #7


There was even a focus group for capitals.

(Neugeniko) #8

Thx man. I’ve updated the original post.

(Neugeniko) #9

From cap mods we can expect sub cap modules to have the following versions.

Enduring and compact versions for local reps.
Precise, Scoped, Enduring and Compact turrets.
Ample and Compact Missile Launchers.
Compact and Scoped Capacitor transmitters.
Compact cap boosters.


(elitatwo) #10

I was telling CCP about the remaining modules that need rebalancing and even had a thread in the forums (not this one) about it. They said they would look at it™.

But we got a lot of cool (or not) other stuff we didn’t need or ask for :wink:

(Neugeniko) #11

I’ve asked a CSM about who is responsible for tiericide in this thread. The CSM summit is soon so I suggest you talk to Steve Ronuken(CSM) in that thread if you want him to raise any issues with the devs.


(elitatwo) #12

We can only hope. In the meantime I am thanking you for bringing this up and listing all that is missing. I told CCP Lebowski about it and even sent him a message with the link to the now old forums with our forums thread about this.
He said he would let the team know but since then we got a lot of things we didn’t ask for, isn’t that cool.

(Neugeniko) #13

I wonder when T2 covert ops will be done. The cheetah just sits in the hanger getting dusty while the rebalanced t1 explo frig does all the work.


(Neugeniko) #14

I am seeing people post about tiericide being incomplete in the devblog balance update for lifeblood thread. Its good to know others are concerned about it too.


(elitatwo) #15

Oh yes we are. Remember my thread about the Arbitrator last year? I think CCP or the CSM listened and didn’t find it unreasonable that I requested 100 or 150 powergrid more.

Then about them unfinished modules. I see what they did with the capital guns and have a feeling the meta guns will receive similar treatment. The capital armor reps and shield boosters too.
That looks fine and dandy to me as far as the module rebalance goes.

I have some other concerns about the state of command ships, which I am investigating at the moment. The Nighthawk needs proper missile range, the Absolution lazor range. The Damnation and Absolution need damage and the minmatar ones should not be able to fit 2 battleship shield boosters for infinite tank.

Astarte looks fine and later today I will have a look at the Eos.

(Neugeniko) #16

I do like my Minmatar T2 command ships. They have been nerfed before along with the ASBs. Problem sounds like XL ASBs and not the hulls.


(Caleb Seremshur) #17


Has anyone heard any update on this?

(Neugeniko) #18

I did hear there was a abortive attempt at including some more tiericide recently, but was cut due to time constraints.

(Kynami Vaille) #19

Probably gotta hard lean on the dev teams to put together more ways to make ships shiny for pushing skins. Or you know, find another facet of the UI to royally screw up while attempting to make shiny. I’m sure they can find something else to break.

Not like there is an absolutely massive amount of dead content in game for lack of balance passes within the past couple years. /s

(Caleb Seremshur) #20

The chat UI pass was to make it like IRC with node based communication, the servers handle very little traffic this way.