Tiericide - The never ending story

(Nikea Tiber) #21

I’m gonna bite on the double XLASB fit sleipnirs, because they have some fairly seriously drawbacks.

Generally you aren’t fitting 220s or 425s on a double XLASB; you fit 180s because that is what you’ve got PG/CPU for. Damage is acceptable, but not really overbearing. 180s have got the optimal of blasters, so negating your dps by pulling range isn’t that hard for an enemy gang.
Second, if you want decent resists, you aren’t going to be fitting tackle beyond a scram. Lack of a web means it is going to be trivial for an enemy gang with even a quarter clue to pull range on you (lack of a web is the other reason the 2x XLASB fits use 180s, since they can actually hit orbiting frigates).
The tank isn’t infinite, it lasts as long as you have boosters, and you have to be careful to stagger reload properly or you pop. In addition, since you aren’t enhancing your EHP with a shield extender, you are still vulnerable to getting alphad off the grid.
The sleip does not have a strong capacitor; neuting will shut down any invulnerability fields and any neuts the sleip might have fit to increase its effectiveness against frigates.
A 2x XLASB fit sleip is strong, but it has its drawbacks and can be dealt with fairly easily. I don’t think it needs to be nerfed; it would be more acceptable for the abso, NH, and vulture to get buffed a bit.

I still think CS should retain the projection bonus the T1 BC hulls get.

(elitatwo) #22

Don’t bother, they are so last year. The new “fit battleship shield booster and make them cap stable” is the new meta now.

No objections.

(Chan'aar) #23

The title of this thread should be

Tiercide - The Forgotten Journey

(Luigi mon-de-sound) #24

Still waiting for HAW for battleship

(Infinite Destruction) #25

I believe that Faction Shield Hardeners were “rebalanced” not too long ago as I see now that they have the same resistance (55%) as a regular T2 hardener.
I may be mistaken, but I’m sure the Faction hardeners used to be (57% or 57.5%) which was pretty much the sole reason I used to buy them (as fitting was never a problem, I just wanted the extra couple of percent of resistance).

I don’t recall any mention of this in any of the patch notes and only just noticed it today when I was fitting a ship and noticed that the resist % didn’t change when I swapped out a T2 hardener for a Faction (Dread Guristas) one.
Been trying to find a reference to when the change happened (unsuccessfully).

(Kynami Vaille) #26

Don’t use green faction shield hardeners, use the blue deadspace variants if you are chasing those couple extra percentage points for single type resist hardeners. It is the adaptive hardeners where both greens and blues are generally better than the T2 version.

(Neugeniko) #27

Bumping this up. Been doing a lot of ship fitting and am noticing their isn’t much method to the madness of non tiericided modules.


(darkestkhan Eriker) #28

BUMPING so it stays.

(Soldier Forrester) #29

Weird how they introduced shield booster and armor repair mutaplasmids before reworking them, I wonder what would happen to the Abyss modules if the base module stats get changed…

(Neugeniko) #30

It looks like the rolls are stored. You can see by mousing over a abyssal items modified attribute. So if base items are modified it should be no problem.

(elitatwo) #31

Meh it’s like some of us already said in the mutaplasmid thread, we do not want the modules to be “balanced” around some enchantments that may or not be happening to them.
I even made a long list of modules that still need some love and they said, it wouldn’t help much.

(Caleb Seremshur) #32

it really pisses me off actually that this has been like 5 years and dragging on still unfixed even after they PROMISED to do ALL of it at EVE vegas. That was ?2? YEARS ago

Come the ■■■■ on why does it take you so long to do this ■■■■

(Kaivarian Coste) #33

Coz skins.

(Mala Zvitorepka) #34

The biggest problem is that tiericide could be done by a random passerby in a week. It shouldn’t take as long as it does.

Pick T1 module stats. Pick T2 module stats. Decide on modifiers that improve by those meta modules. Make T1 meta have halfway stats between T1 and T2 module. 10% better stats than T1 for stats where T2 equals T1 or is worse (say compact or enduring).

If you decide to leave T1 and T2 items intact, the whole thing is literally completed in a week, including manual inspection of all resulting modules vs previous ones (and T1/T2 ones). Primary module stat (say webbing amount for webs) always improves for all meta thingies, the tiericide gave meta variations and other bonuses already. As the base code is likely dumb enough you can’t have stored just T1, T2 and modifiers, simply load T1 and T2 items from database, scrap current meta items, perform necessary calculation and save the new meta items to the database. Task done in a minute.

It wouldn’t take long to re-introduce meta2-4 items simply by allowing stacking of meta modifiers, say “compact enduring web” would be getting both bonuses. And perhaps higher webbing amount - say if max meta is 4, web could be going from 50% to 60% by increasing 2% per meta level (the other stats would be still halfway between the T1 and T2).
Taking it a step further, it would be trivial to have meta6-inf modules by having same modifiers stacking on T2 modules. Just add another half-step like T1->meta1 (or meta1->T2) for those modules, and all items fall in the simple progression line without the need to balance any item in particular.
And another step - instead of slot machine mutaplasmids, make them improve meta level of modules. No more “can I get this web with that 0.01% more webbing amount and 10m higher range?”

(elitatwo) #35

The rule of thumb was that all meta modules get the power level of meta 3 ones.

(Neugeniko) #36

I got tired of waiting for the T2 explo frigs to be rebalanced and bought myself a astero and skills for christmas. Anyone know if they will be redone?

(Anderson Geten) #37

What do you mean ? How is it related to tiericide ?

(Neugeniko) #38

Well the base hull for the t2 explo frigs still has the old tiered stats, the t1 explo was a lower tier frigate and it inherited that weakness.

(CelaQulundeO) #39

WTB Bastion II

250 Power Gird
20 CPU
Cycle time up from 1 minute to 1.5 mins (90 seconds total instead of the 60 seconds in Bastion 1)
requires 100 cap per cycle (Up from 0)

all positive attributes listed in Bastion 1 are now 20% better.

E.G. Hull resist goes from 30+% to 36+%, shield boost bonus goes from +100% to +120% etc etc

(Neugeniko) #40

In July we are planning to introduce some long-anticipated implant sets. We also will be picking up where we left off with module tiericide efforts, which have been on the backburner for a while now.” - CCP

Tiericide is being talked about again, yay!