Condensed patch notes for only hull/modules balancing

Hi guys, I jsut came back after a year. I’m looking for a list of ship and module balance changes only. too cumbersome to look through the unfiltered patch notes.

I know trig ships got a relatively major nerf, the entropic disintegrators deal more damage over time, but start out at a lower base damage, making them take longer to do the same amount of damage. And were you around for the faction destroyers and new pirate ships?


I was hoping there were just some general overhauls to diminish Muninns online (last I remember), and maybe some love (power grid and cpu increases) for the tier 2 frigs.

Apparently not though. :frowning:

I also noticed the forums themselves have changed. No more market section.

If you click on Communications Centre heading in the upper left, then click on it again, it will bring up the full list of forum sections.

This may be what you were looking for:

You might be able to do a word search on this list to find some notes/changes of interest to you: