CSM, have you got summer projects?

Things go quiet with CCP over the summer months.

Have you guys got things planned? town halls of working on things with CCP devs who drew the short straw?


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Working on my new fashion and portrait photography portfolio, should be ready in the next couple of months.

I can’t speak for any other CSM’s, but I’ll be working on my prep for the next summit. A town hall might happen but I don’t feel any pressing need right now. I feel like we’re pretty on top of the big issues for the time being.

There’s plenty to do while CCP is on skeleton crew shift over the summer (since summer is the only time in Iceland you actually want to go outside). At the moment we’re compiling a list of dream balance features between the CSM for example. Never a dull day on the CSM.

If you arev working on a list of the big dream items may I suggest resurecting the smaller suggestion box from year gone by. We called it the Little Things thread and it was for those quality of life changes that CCP Karkur is famous for making. Hell, maybe I should start the damn thread myself.

(edit) d’oh Karkur started one alread . . . efficient little thing.


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and here is a link for that topic Little things / Small QoL suggestions

Sorry about the delay in response, I still haven’t quite gotten used to these new forums, and found my CSM work waylaid by my AT commentator prep. But, in terms of little things, I think Karkur has already taken over directly talking to the community on that, and done very well with it. We’ve pushed our own little things with non-Karkur-related teams, like the addition of Neut and Logistics affects to the combat log, fixing a lot of the minor Inception bugs, amongst other things.

I wouldn’t mind doing a townhall, but I’m unsure of what we could do in terms of topics at this point. The major points in our previous townhalls around Nullsec & Hisec PvP remain untouched, though our PvE and NPE roundtables did significantly better (IMO). And, as we saw in CSM 10, not having a general topic tends to lead to things going to ■■■■ rather quickly.

I was there