Update #4 CSM 18

Looking for input. What would you like me to take to CCP at this years summit in early February?



Make war decs great again.

Ok elaborate? Because if you go up to a dev and say that first thing they’ll say is what do you mean?

Happy New Year, Mike.

I’d love if you remind the producers that this thread exists. And that they can hardly go wrong with attributing some resources to these community requests:

Also, a thing that’s worth mentioning is that CCP Kestrel should get a bonus for bringing the Abyssal Proving Grounds back. There is a PvP crowd that greatly enjoys this kind of content. It’s worth being more than some lone developers’ “passion project”.

And finally, 2024 could be the year it happens: Cat Ears. It would greatly fit the Gruistas Easter Egg-hunt event, wouldn’t it?



I was starting to write a little rant about the clickfest that PI is. - Why assigning every single resource to every single processing unit? Would be much more “fun” if the processing units would automatically grab the needed ressources, if they are available in the connected storage facilities. Makes switching the prouction from one to another type much more easier… but …

You gonna have to set priorities. This please. In black please.

Visual illustration:

Thank you :heavy_heart_exclamation: :cat2:


CCPlease do something about referral link spam in Rookie Chat, local, and NPC corp chat.


Since you asked. I’d like to see cosmos items fixed to an actual usable state. The following post gives a general idea of their current condition.

Also It would be nice if they could work on module balance and finish tiericide but as a starting point I’d like to see them fix hull repairs especially since the meta 4 and the tech 2 are exactly the same module with no difference other than build cost of the tech 2.

For information on what’s still outstanding in tiericide see this post.

  1. Keep iterating on Pirate and Empire FW. Very little reason to do Suppression.
  2. Let outlaws have docking permissions in High Sec again.
  3. Siege Green retrospective was promised and unceremoniously cancelled last minute.

Doubt they’ll touch cosmos. Oldest content in game

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The cat ears need to be mechanical augments, with a strong cyperpunk aesthetic similar to how eyes are handled. Otherwise, they don’t fit the theme of the eve universe.

as to topics that need to be brought up to CCP:
#1 - lots of new folks and new leadership at CCP, and it’s getting to the point where those folks need a “return to form”
#1a - look at how Sansha Incursions were back when they were first added, what the feedback was, and the multitude of patches to get to the current Sansha. There were reasons for those changes, lessons that were learned at the time, and a lot of wisdom that went into those.
#1b - now, look at the Drifter Incursions when they were first added, the couple of balance patches while the Drifter Incursions were a thing, and then the removal of the Drifter Incursions. There were reasons for all of those, and community reactions to said changes…which lead to their ultimate removal.
#1c - now…let’s see how the Triglavian v Edencom incursions went. Lots of similar strokes, similar mistakes, and similar actions (or mistakes, depending on perspective) by CCP…and a lot of jaded cynics who have been playing eve for a while predicting it all with shocking accuracy. There were a lot of lessons from previous events that should have been learned, should have been improved upon, and a lot of community sentiments of respinning the same wheel followed by removing large segments of the mechanics with no regard for fall out (especially standings-wise) that the players will be generally stuck with.

#2 - more iteration on older mechanics and lore loose ends. While FW was due for a big rework, and it was largely successful (still some kinks to work out, but better than before and much better than some of the previous attempts at making FW more active), there are still a lot of older mechanics (wormholes (esp. drifter and pirate special wormholes), Sansha Incursions, drifters at large). There are also a lot of loose threads that deserve more. Things like the [redacted] at the end of the Sisters of Eve epic quest that has been a loose end for decades… so many “new” things, and a focus on chasing “new and shiny” while continuing to disregard some of the older, and frankly better written, lore would be a step in a better direction vice every thing being a “new addition” with the “old stuff” being long forgotten.

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First off, congratulations on being elected to the CSM once again @Mike_Azariah - it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

The fact that you are seeking input from pilots to help you create a shortlist of issues to raise at the CSM Summit, speaks volumes, IMHO, about the quality of you as a representative, about how connected you are to the community, and how keen you are to be a voice for us all.

Well done.

I do have an issue that I would like to get on the agenda if possible:

EverMarks and small corporations

I’m the CEO of a micro corp.

Because of our size and our limited number of active members, many of whom are rookies, we don’t have a lot of economic muscle. This, combined with a wish to avoid war declarations, means that we don’t have any structures and are unlikely to get any in the future.

The members that we have are, however, pretty enthusiastic within the game and because the corp gains EverMarks at a 1:1 ratio when our members do, we have now accumulated 1,432,250 EverMarks in our corporation wallet.

The problem is there is literally nothing for us to spend them on.

I’ve chatted to some helpful GMs via support tickets (especially @GM_Banquet) who have informed me that in the Viridian Expansion a change was made whereby EverMarks can now only be spent by corporations in the SKINR tool for Upwell Structures. Or donated to an alliance for them to use on collectively owned structures (but we’re not in an alliance).

What I’d like to see is a change to this situation so that small corps like mine can spend their EverMarks on corporation owned emblems for ships.

I’m thinking that this would be something that the CEO or nominated officers (with the appropriate permissions) could purchase using the EverMarks in the corporation wallet.

The emblems, once purchased, would be global, insofar as any member of the corporation flying the same ship would have the option of applying the emblem to their ship within the Personalization tab in the fitting window. If they left the corporation, they would lose the ability to apply the emblem.

I hope this all make sense.

I suspect that we’re not the only corporation in this position and so I hope that this might be something that the CSM and/or CCP could look at please.



No cat ears please !!!

oh if they come they will be MANDATORY


or bunny ears for the conscientious objectors



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