MILINT ARC Trooper For CSM 18

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I believe there is no need for introductions.
I am MILINT ARC Trooper.
The “Mad Scientist” from Minmatar Republic Space.
I started playing EVE in August of 2020, irony not lost on me at this moment as I fill this out.

I have played this game during the Zenith Era of the Triglavian Invasion, and the changes and fallout of the Scarcity Era as well. I have also experienced the changes between different forms of Faction Warfare. Over those three years I have seen alot of changes that have had impacts on the game around every facet of gameplay both good and bad depending on which group you talk to.

I have done a wide variety of activities in EVE Online and even have been amazed by interesting forgotten content that is usually ignored by a large portion of the player base today.

I am applying for CSM to be a voice for a broader base of New Eden. The foundations of EVE Online are the Industrialists, Mining, Hauling, and Exploration Communities. These activities feed into the PVE and PVP sides of EVE Onlines overall ecosystem.

I am for all intents and purposes a Solo Account, Solo Player. I have largely writ large followed the dictate of a long passed EVE Player who was a Corp CEO, “Don’t Join a Corporation, you will have more Adventures.” Apparently he passed of cancer a few years ago. And he is right in many ways, when I have deviated from that.

“I can not make a promise, for something I can not keep.” That is main line of thinking and directive.

Although I do not believe in TLDR [Too Long Don’t Read] you may stop here if you just want to put a vote to a name. Now if you want to go deeper, explore this at your own peril.

My most deep seated concern pertaining to EVE Online is an issue where no one really fully tests out the full magnitude of changes or asks some questions about mechanics before pushing for changes.
Items in question

  • HAC Changes, especially around Muninns was driven more by players boredom, instead of a meaningful discussion on what made the Muninn broken especially from the Resists. It has a unique armor and shield resist bonus that makes it an omnitanking monster. The Muninn was a much lower ranged targeting and weapon system than many of the other HACs. Points to Eagle having 250km capabilities Muninn might have been adjusted more as a 3T-2L setup or a 2T-3L setup just to weaken it a bit from this suggestion. Or slight tweaks to the Muninns bonuses either shield or armor resist…but not both or lower initial resist base values to make it less problematic. Not the sledgehammer approach which started problems with Marauders and other ships.

  • Frostline Omnivore Mining Upgrade. I know I have brought this particular item up before, but CCP originally deployed this in game as part of an event alongside the Expedition Frigates [T2 Mining Frigates] CCP actually balanced it before deployment as it couldn’t interact with T2 modulated equipment. Now there was a quirk with the module I believe brought on by some later coding, that made it give small bonuses to normal mining lasers [again not T2 modulated] Now due to the Rorqual changes, and a request for a now CCP employee to test. It was literally patched within two days of being on a stream. And effects added that it was initially not supposed to have. This caused problems for the Winter Nexus and knock on effects in game for players using the Expedition Frigates. (Granted maybe the only thing that needed changes was the mining laser cycle time bug…but at the time it was inferior to T2 modulated yields pre-Scarcity and Mining Changes.)

  • Mining Changes-Waste. This has been a point of contention for alot of players at this moment. At this moment people avoid T2 and T2 Modulated Mining equipment like the plague. Mostly due to the fact that the waste literally destroys belts from under players. Which means lower yields and less resources. Now CCP has tried to address this using A0 ores, but that is kind of a temporary fix. Never mind before the changes it was found factional miners like the Single Diode Laser had 66% waste. [Thankfully that was stopped.] Many players dislike immensely this waste mechanic.

  • Mining Changes -Crystals. Another interesting point of frustration as well. Before the crystal changes, you used various reprocessing skills to specialize in a particular crystal. This made sense when dealing with early Scarcity 2020-2021 where okay we need to go down to lowsec or WH or where ever else to become a specialist miner. 2022 onwards we have unified crystals which are also bulky and inconvenient to use with ships like Expedition Frigates. And there really isn’t enough differences between the T1 and T2 Crystals to justify their usage. Even more so the concept of Type C Mining PVP crystals. Why couldn’t have been simplistic A is yield, B is speed, and C is range? Because some belts in lowsec are actually very spread out from the warp in. Or better yet. Unified T1 crystals with higher damage rate, with specialized T2 crystals [like the old system?]

  • Mining Industrial Core and Support Infrastructure. On paper an interesting active concept, until you realize this will get players stuck on grid in hostile space. Before the major changes ORCAs and Porpoises were used a bit more commonly by even smaller corps. Now due to the Industrial Cores it has made these ships less likely to be used unless a medium to large corp is involved. The biggest problem with the Industrial Core is you HAVE TO USE it to bring the stats especially of mining drones on the ORCA and Porpoise Hulls back up to their original capacity. Also the uneven deployment of the compression modules has left Wormhole Space, especially Shattered Wormholes basically for all intents and purposes unreachable and unforgiving space for small or exploratory mining expeditions. [Porpoise Needs Medium Compression Modules to match the Orca in all resources.]

  • Mining Changes-Compression. Again an interesting concept on paper. I did make an interesting counterpoint originally before its deployment. I was tinkering with the idea of super compression. Majority of players didn’t like having to dock up their ships to compress, or interact with the direct compression system of the Rorqual. [I got to experience a Rorqual Fleet in Tabbetzur post initial Scarcity patch so I know this was an option in game.] And most players with stations or interacting with stations could jump back and forth to stations…right click…cargo deposit…jump straight back to the belt/anomaly and then later dock up and compress as they saw fit. And many people didn’t want to go through these options. So fleet compression was allowed, but it was 1 to 1 compression. 1 unit = 1 compressed unit. The old compression [batch] was 100 units to 1 compressed unit. This batch compressed unit could be reprocessed straight at the refineries. Currently the new compression is pointless because its 100 units or 100 compressed units to reprocess. Also another major content issue is the fact that gas can be compressed and decompressed…yet no other item in the game gets this option. [Super Compression blocks larger than 100 units (1000 units or more) and Decompression of ores - with loss of course…would mean more movement of ores to and from various areas of space. More movement more targets]

  • Nullification and Interceptors. One of the more annoying changes, and suspiciously done during the height of 1DQ when someone in particular mentioned to PAPI, Imperium, and CCP about Siege Breaking using innate nullification ships. At the time T3C and Interceptors. To break through the Bubble Hell tactics of nullsec to go after the cyno jammer in particular and then have ships emplaced inside 1DQ or other locations then turn on cynos once the jammer was down. With the lack of innate nullified ships Turtling in Nullsec and other places has become the Norm. (Also the Interceptors could have been balanced around one hull being warp bubble immune, allowing it to punch through defenses to run out and snag people in tackle, while the other hull becomes a “Gunship” or “Patrol” hull. Not immune to warp bubbles, but resistant to warp scrams or other affects that would slow it down with range control. Slight balancing adjustments could be possibly done to keep some of the more problematic issues from happening in game. Also Nullification Modules need some rebalancing or change to their negative effects like oh instead of bandwidth of drones…why not adjust the drone control range? By -50% or -25%)

  • Warp Core Stabilizer. This change I think was one of the most frustrating changes because it didn’t factor in how some ship classes are nearly completely vulnerable to hunter fits(ships equipped with +3 or higher warp denial capability.) I can understand the argument about anti-botting measures…if it only really stopped the botting issue. The bots just swapped over to another script and the players were handed a massive nerf. This also discouraged activity in lowsec and other hostile space. And the nerf again seems to be incorrectly done. I would suggest that the negative function should be -50% -25% drone control range not bandwidth. [Note here I would suggest only -25% per nullifer and warp core stab…so a 50% total nerf to a ship fitted will mean it has to get much closer to attack or target something. Not the current 100% no drones. And due to the rather low number of ships capable of fitting nullifiers, alot of activity is also discouraged.]

  • Shrinking Cargos. I know this might be the Legacy of CSM 17 members leaving the CSM, but I have to argue against the changes brought on by Compression, EVENT Loot, and Planetary Interaction [P.I.] cargo shrinking.

  1. Loss Shock, if we make more and more things smaller it means the overall value of ships goes up way beyond the players [especially newbros] to support it. In previous Events it took a little logistical and ship fitting consideration to make ships capable of carrying more loot. Now much smaller ships can do the same thing that took some careful consideration to maximize yield. Do I fit two or more containers on my ship to move things or do I have to find a station nearby to cargo deposit and asset safety it or do I filament back to Pochven-Highsec for drop off? You had to think about your cargo value and the time invested. Shrinking Cargo especially loot only increases problems of farming and botting, but also the loss factor for newbros. I can understand Overseers going to 5m3 from the old 10m3. But to shrink it much smaller isn’t really a wise idea in the long run.

  2. Planetary Interaction and Industry considerations. I have been noticing since the changes to P.I. a little concerning problem that is going to become a major issue especially for CCP trying to enforce scarcity ideas to limit the capitol ship spam.
    Screenshot (222)
    I saw not one major discussion on the fact that there should be changes concerning the various bits of infrastructure in relation to P.I.

  • Link base size capacity being upgraded, NOPE not discussed.

  • Increasing Storage Space of Planetary Warehouse and Launchpad and Command Center [which can launch stuff too.] This is understandable for upgrades and buffing, not really thought out.

  • Discussion on “Perfect Conversion” of P.I. T0 to T1 materials. Oh and its happening at this moment. Because of the size changes.

  • Also because of the shrunk P.I. and other materials why do you need to use the Specialized T1 ships to move anything? Some of this new P.I. Mechanic has brought the majority of P.I. handling into Blockade Runner size and scale. Which means markets and industry will be flooded with P.I. while depreciating value and causing problems with CCPs concepts of capitol ship production speed bumps.

These are some of the more problematic issues currently in the game. And there are plenty of things ongoing.


So my platform for CSM is a more broad approach to balancing, but adding and tweaking content and materials in this game to increase the health and longevity of this game. EVE Online has so much potential that apparently is being either left to the wayside, or has been sidelined.

“I can not promise,what I can not keep.” That said. Here are my platforms.

  1. Hauling Community

  2. Mining Community

  3. Exploration Community

  4. Faction Warfare Community

  5. Infrastructure Stance

  6. Miscellanous

  • Hauling Community. The backbone of EVE Online and its unsung heroes [other than Miners] are the Haulers the Truckers of EVE Online. This group has been negatively affected or ignored out of most of the major updates. And as a part of the community they have to deal with some major gaps in cargo capacity and capability. The CSM needs to give these players a bit more flexibility and functionality to help keep the gears of the EVE Economy going…(Lancer attacks not withstanding)
  1. Easy Level-Give the Haulers their often begged for Triglavian Hauling ships? Give them some sort of high cargo hold bonus. [Also considering the Dazh Koliada has been seen sporting a stacking logistical repper. Maybe an odd Logi/Hauler concept would be in order.] Their models are already in game, and would just need a Triglavian Hauler Skill and place on the Trig Tech Tree.

  2. Medium Level- buff all specialized T1 Haulers specialized hulls to 67,500m3 base. Meaning all specialized ship holds with bonuses related to skills should be in the 101,250m3 range. This would allow T1 ships to stay relevant but also integral with EVE Onlines industrial ecosystem.
    Screenshot (226)

  3. Medium Level- creation of specialized hold modules and rigs. To further expand the capabilities of the T1 specialty haulers holds. Much like the in game system with cargo hold expanders. But these will affect the unique holds on certain ships. Allowing for more specialization of lets say, ice, ammo, planetary commodities, ore, mining, mineral, gas, maintenance, fleet, corpse, fuel etc. [example of concept just instead it only affects a specialized hold]
    Screenshot (228)

  4. Hard Level-Creation of specialized containers that can be packed and stored inside of Station Warehouses. Ice/Ore/Corpse/Gas/Planetary Interaction/ Minerals etc. And you can sub install containers to create packages with materials for lets say a ship fit etc. Now some restrictions would apply like secure containers can’t be done this way.

  5. Hard Level-Creation of more T2 Hauling ships, IE T2 variations of the T1 specialist hulls. There has been also a request for a T2 Bowhead [name pending] to be able to move massive amounts of ore etc.

  6. Hard Level -A much requested item, and has been discussed before. But having some sort of modular T3 Industrial/Hauler ship that can fill the current 300,000m3 gap in the game is of major concern and frustration in EVE Online. I would suggest each factions T3 Industrial/Hauler gets a specific bonus specialization hold. [Link Added] Reddit - Dive into anything

  7. Easy Level- Standardization of Hauling baselines. If you change a ship hull consider the impacts on other ships. Example the Primae was given two new holds each 10,000m3 but these holds were not standardized. Which may have made the Primae interesting for inter wormhole hauling and transportation. Maybe even adding a mining hold at 10,000m3 would have been interesting as well. Now between the Primae and Epithal. I think the planetary command Center Hold Bonus is backwards. the Primae should have 6 and the Epithal should have 2. [that is to be debated]

  • Mining Community- A much disparaged group of players in EVE online, most of the mining community is fairly chill and enjoys fleet activities. Yet due to some particular content from years past, they have been handed some of the most severe and problematic nerfs since then.
  1. Easy Level- Compression/Decompression- allow all ore and gas to be compressed and decompressed. This will allow the movement of mission ores omber/kernite etc. To move to the mission hubs that require them. You will still have some loss of ores but this will allow players to profit and move materials around, more movement more content.

  2. Easy Level- Simplification of Compression argument to convert all compressed ores and compression mechanics straight to the old batch ore system. So there is straight reprocessing and values of ore. Also batch based compression means players need to be active and away of how many units are in the holds of their ships. 100 units → batch compression = same. Currently in the market we have stockpiles of batch ores while also having the 100 unit compression ores. Also simplification of compression means compression on grid mechanics using modules and industrial core means that a station can do all ore types compression wise as well. Equivalent Services. One is on grid, the other is docked up. If players so chose to do so. This gives miners without certain assets at least some options in this mining field.

  3. Hard Level- Super Compression resurrection of an idea, but allowing for very large blocks to be compressed and decompressed allowing for large stockpiles to be moved more efficiently. 100 Batch Compressed Blocks = 1 Super Compressed block. As noted here
    Reddit - Dive into anything

  4. Hard Level- More of an odd request but giving Barges “turret” markers for the Strip Miners and Gas Harvestors, as well as allowing players to fit turrets in those highslots, might make some people who like to use Miners in weird PVP situations give them a bone to play with.

  5. Hard Level- One of the problems that lead to Scarcity was the fact that there was a massive gap with the mining drones. If you look at combat drones we have light-medium-heavy-sentry each with their own unique advantages. There is a huge gap between harvest/augmented mining drones and the Rorquals Excavator class mining drones. My thoughts are to have light/medium/heavy/excavator class drones. This will allow for a much more apparent gradient of mining options and intake that CCP can then more finely tune by adjusting bandwidth/cargospace/mining amounts.

  6. Medium Level- Buff the Deep Core I and ORE Deep Core Mining Lasers so ships like the Expeditions can fit them. As of currently Prospect is in a weird place due to this and can not access content without T2 modulated equipment which can fit oddely enough.

  7. Medium Level- Buff the Prospect Expedition Frigate either with a utility high slot for fitting probe scanners, which the Venture and Endurance can do easily. Or give the Prospect a unique gas collection bonus to differentiate it from the Venture in this field. Or give the Prospect a small ice mining laser bonus.

  8. Medium Level- Create a unique multi function scanner, that will allow players who are acting as mining foremen the ability to do survey, cargo, and ship scan simultaneously. Allowing the Mining Fleet Foreman a much broader understanding of activity in his mining fleet as well as the surrounding asteroid belts.

  9. Hard Level- Create Modules that players can fit to ships to convert them from pure boosting ships to mining vessels. Want to actually strip mine with your ORCA, put a specific module in, converts certain stats of your hull to have the ability to fit four strip miners. Porpoise would do the same. Loss of boosting or drone bays you chose. Barges special module to allow addition of extra strip miner. But the trade off is it takes up a slot.

  10. Hard Level- Readjustment of Mining Crystals and their waste. T1 Crystals should be multi-ore, but they come at the cost of faster damage and usage. A is Yield, B is Cycle Speed, C is range. [No rock PVP please] If you wanted so…we could just allowed Specialized Smart Bombs to Shatter the Asteroids.

  11. Hard Level- Buffing Detection of Ore and Ice Anoms in range with remote sensing skills. Within similiar lightyear ranges.

  12. Medium Level- Mining Stations will have in their LP stores mining boosters available for trade with LP.

  • Exploration Community. Usually the most wide roaming players in our player base, and outside of PVP the most risk taking. Usually also makes up a fairly good chunk of kills on zkill. I would like to push for some slight changes and concepts to give the exploration community some interesting options.
  1. Intermediate Level- Creation of unique Escalation Data and Relic sites in K-space and else where. This could also include interactions with sleeper sites and covert data sites. We want to make people roam a bit further a field. Escalations can have combined warp to and scan down functions. Players can warp to a location to solve a “puzzle” that will give them another location to go to. Maybe some NPCs to fight or vanquish. Risk and Reward varies widely depending on how long your escalation run is.

  2. Intermediate Level- Revitalization of alot of materials in this game surrounding pirate anoms and combat anoms and even mining anoms. Hidden loot or unique interactive items that explorers can interact with in a site. Blurring the line between just pure exploration and ratting. And making players search the depths of EVE Online for its treasures.

  3. Intermediate Level- Interactive items that Explorers can interact with that will open “temporarily” connections between different areas of space in EVE Online. IE things like the smugglers gates, and unstable portals that feature heavily in alot of anoms.

  4. Hard Level- Some revitalization of interactions with DED and Cosmos sites, so players visiting these sites will get some interesting leads or escalations to various locations in EVE online.

  5. Easy Level- Revitalizing NPC Nullsec spaces, to draw more interest to these regions, with unique sites and exploration escalations that stay within those areas.

  6. Intermediate Level- Increase baseline spawn in unupgraded Sovereign Nullsec of signatures. Possible developement of mobile " high resolution scanning modules" that increase spawn rates when deployed in a system.

  7. Intermediate Level- Develop a Multi-role Unified Probe Scanner, so explorers can roam nullsec and and elsewhere; if they so chose, can probe with survey, combat, and core. This will allow for more in depth interests and intel gathering.

  • Faction Warfare Community. Recently this particular community has been the center of recent updates and changes to their environment. However, since I have poked around before the changes and now with the current changes. I do have some concerns, and have pointed this out to the FW players and considerations.
  1. The recent faction warfare changes have removed alot of pirate combat/relic/data activity, many players have been complaining about a lack of diversified content between action bouts. Also in previous era, this meant FW exploration and ratting was a high risk-high reward endeavor. Now its a dead zone outside of EVENTS or Factional Campaigns. (Ironically Shipcaster Shadow War practically ignored faction warfare and was kind of lackluster)

  2. System Mechanic Changes to FW space, have also created dead zones because “hostile stations” in FW are now unable to be docked at. Which further discourages activity. Better than all the station games and camping, but its kind of a Catch 22 right now offensive/defensive.

  3. Insignias are a bit of a problem at this moment, because the new content doesn’t drop insignias outside of plexes. Ironically loot is dropping in plexes of the NPCs, alot of newbros got really antsy when they realized they only were getting insignias on the plexes but nothing to redeem or sell to make isk. But all the new comm/propaganda/data/caches/supply depots/ and battlefronts need to drop insignias for destroyed FW NPCs. This will add value to the new sites and make people want to run them.

  4. FW LP store. One of the more interesting problems in FW space is LP is usually used for “fast conversion” items implants, ammo, some lower tier modules. Many of the items that require insignias do not move or are not really ground for. But also, I think that CCP should add some older concepts in the FW LP stores, and some new ones. When I came into the game in 2020, Resource Wars were still operational opening in all of highsec. The Factions Support LP store, would give you fitted ship crates for LP earned in the Resource War Sites. Why can’t players spend some FW LP to get simple T1 ship crates fitted for simple fast combat? Also putting the Shipcaster Shadow War Boosters into the LP Stores would be of interest as well as an LP sink. This also would facilitate LP donations and trading as various groups in FW and outside move LP around to buy things off the LP markets.

  5. Novice sites. These sites will be hard capped to T1 only. Lowest LP reward, but also the easiest to get into and get action. Example Novice Scout is pure T1 frigates. The problems that we were having in the old FW system just got pushed down to Navy ships, which probably requires some further considerations. For the Pirates…I suggest CCP start deploying “Open” sites with higher LP bonuses than Navy or Advanced, but much higher risk.

  • Novice Scout [T1 Empire only]

  • Navy Scout [T1 + Navy Empire Only]

  • Advanced Scout [T1 + Navy + Pirate + T2]

  • Open Scout [anything goes] However, if you click on and attempt to warp to the beacon it will give an error message that if your ship is larger than the set size limit frigates…it can’t navigate to this location emitter. this would be restriction for frigate opens, but each subsequent level of open more ship types can join.

  1. FW Promotions do add some standing bonuses to your base faction, be alert this can mess up standings if you are not aware of this. This needs to be clarified. And possibly a degrading promotion system IE a player losing his promotion if he hasn’t been in FW for some time. Reward for activity, Demotion for inactivity. Now it will show up how many times you have earned your promotions but that will be more a character info item.
  • Infrastructure Stance You all should be aware of the XL Structure Crusade Ongoing in Highsec. This problem has been compounded by some rather unusual oversights in station mechanics. Personally I think all person who have stations in highsec should pay several things to the Empires as taxes for existing in said Empire Space. There are no free lunches, and no free rides. This will force the player base to consider their cost/profit margins or get in good standings with the empires, or rely on “donations” from their corp members LP wallets to keep their stations running.
    Also pertaining to nullsec, the empires don’t have communications and other infrastructure out there, so sov player space needs more mechanics and infrastructure to add tactical/strategic interplay in this game. Think of it as the frontier of the Wild West, you need to build the town, mines, and telegraph line…they don’t just exist.
  1. LP Cost if starbase charters were used to control the deployment of POS in Empire Space back in the day, should be instituted for any and all stations in highsec. The higher the security and the larger the station the more expensive it should be in using starbase charters. AS noted in this link. Reddit - Dive into anything

  2. Fuel Debuff in highsec space player stations. The Larger the station the more fuel and costs it takes to keep running. So you either move to lowsec or nullsec or wormhole space for the bonuses of production and reduction of cost to operate.

  3. If CCP is going to remove some rather key station advantages like player stations are better than NPC stations by a yard and a half. Even the smaller ones. They must buff NPC stations with unique bonuses. Factory station has bonuses to production, Mining Station has bonuses for reprocessing, Market Station bonus for market transactions. Not as high as player stations, but doable and would increase movement in regions that tend to stagnate around player stations.

  4. If its Player Built, It Needs to be Player Maintained. No Compromises. Fuel/LP Starbase Charters in high and lowsec/ISK/Quantum Cores.

  5. Nationalization of all Highsec POCOs [Custom Offices] for P.I. in Empire Space. 1.0 - 0.5. Lowsec is open for POCOs but they will require fuel to keep online. Nullsec/Wormhole will not require this. Pochven POCOs might need some looking into, possible destruction…unless CCP creates some sort of Triglavian based P.I. items.

  6. We need creation of smaller station options for newplayers and younger corporations to test the waters. Or allowing for an “anchoring” module. That can convert some ships into basically a motionless base while the ship has fuel in its fuel bay.

  7. Creation of items to increase logistical weakpoints to station interplay which will add content to this game.

  • Miscellaneous What could go wrong here. Apparently Everything.
  1. No more module mirroring IE T1/Named-Meta/Factional/Officer fitting and stat variations need to be identifiable and unique between each set.

  2. Special Rigs or Modules to swap ship turrets and launchers out or add things.

  3. Factional Bastions and Sieges just for fun.

  4. Corpse Launcher…highly requested. We want to launch our enemies corpses at them on the opening of a fight to show our superiority.

  5. Combat Tractor and Repulsor Beams. Seems to be a very popular item of note. Set to Red start pulling on enemy ships. Repulsor Beams would do the opposite push people away from you.

  6. Combat Probe Launchers only…for PVP of course.

  7. 10+ Security Status, but as a trade off Pirates get -5 Security Status bonuses. So a full -10 to 10+ security status, will increase aggression of players all around, and well if you are 10+ who says a little highsec payback wouldn’t be too bad from time to time. Note 5+ is the current high point limit for Concord Ships

  8. Buff Noctis with either a special Tractor Field Generator that pulse grabs wrecks in a sphere; or Extend the range of its salvagers to give it a bonus over the T1 Utility Exploration Frigates.

  9. Complete Arek Jaalen Antiquities Site 2, or explain the weird Drifter outbreaks near there. And the empty freight pad never filled.

  10. Creation of more T2 weapon/module variations. Potential T3 weapons

  11. Expansion of T2 Ammo and creation of T3 Ammo concepts.

  12. Expand T3 Ship hull catalogue. From Frigates to Battleships. [Link Added] Reddit - Dive into anything

  13. Recreation of Collectible Ships, but with unique limited runs with unique different skins from the originals.

  14. Use carbon as a primary source for the carbon fiber reactions please and thank you!

  15. Discussion of the Four Gates of EVE Online.

  16. Creation of Regional Representative System, that will allow players to directly interact with ISD and GMs and CCP over concerns in a particular region. Doesn’t replace CSM, it is an adjunct handles day to day activities and interactions in EVE Online. Will increase conflict as groups try to control nullsec spaces for representation.

  17. Vote for me for Red and Black Skins! And give the master of skin making caldarprimeponyclub his due!

  18. MILINT things that will happen in the campaigning.


I support this product and/or service.


You’ve got my vote based on the Trig Industrials alone. I’ll read the rest later! :smiley:
Good luck!

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You got my vote. Fly crispy

What are your views on making EVE great again through the addition of cat ears?

lol no

Personally do we not already have many memes already built into our ships?

If one were to push for said ideas, you must come up with an implant C.A.T. [Capital Armor Transfer] Implant.

I think character helmets might work well. You could get away with it in the “skin” of the helmet or its shape.

Although we do run some issues with licensing issues with Caldari State Corporations, for some weird reason they have licensing monopoly for some Caldari Pop Band. And the stuff isn’t allowed unless licensing fee is paid.

And there has been some back and forth pertaining to religious concerns particularly with the Amarr’s more zealous religious fanatics. They keep screeching about “cultural degeneracy and pollution of the human figure of gods divine design.”

Minmatar seems interested, the problem is the Tetanus infection rate seems a bit high. [Working on a solution right now.]

Gallente seems all in on it, but a coalition is protesting in their Senate over its symbology for environmental activists and disrespecting animal rights.

All in all, Paragon [Formerly Interbus} and its subsidiaries have voiced interests in selling functional or vanity equipment.

Although Pink is copyrighted to Galnet, so you will need to purchase such products, and they are in court with Propel Dynamics over something pertaining to this.

Its within reason as an item for the player base. Maybe we need to sell it with “Catseye” themed skins and clothing lines?

“I can’t promise, what I can’t Keep” But I am open to a broadening of character clothing and vanity items. Within our Overlords thematic variations.


Oh you’re a roleplayer, should have read the post i guess >.<

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But playing with what I know from each faction.

But I would say if you want something bad enough…switch tactics.

Call up some artists [you know there are some good ones in this community] and get them sketching some combat suits.

But flavor them more to EVE “thematically” or spread a rumor than under the Triglavian hoods are cat ears. See how long that lasts.

But I think its within range. Just depends on the other side.

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Out of this entire hilarious (and highly accurate) response to the never-ending question of cat-ears.

This line alone is quite possibly the best.

It’s about time we had a crazy mad scientist on the CSM to give these nullbrains a run for their money!

Also, please respond ASAP with Tetanus solution. I tried to tell Little Timmy not to make a Fedo Steak slicer out of that Air Scrubber Ventilation Faceplate. But these stupid kids…

You just can’t tell them anything, they think they know it all. Now his fingers… well… you can imagine.

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if I can simply give my vote here: you have my vote

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This guy is worth supporting!

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best fits in eve
you have my vote

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oh god even milints running this time, of course he writes a thesis that nobody will read as his application. very on theme.

i hope you can lead better than you can fit and fly ships.

To be quite honest, I’d say it reads more like a research paper than it does a simple thesis. You should give it a good read, you might see the research paper distinction :eyes:

You’ve not heard of the [dual-dual] rep Vargur?

Bless you.

Update on positions etc.

  • Wormhole Space

Wormhole Space has voiced Dissatisfaction with Siege Green Changes which should bring some review of this.

Also some added or escalation data/relic/combat sites have been requested for WH space.

Added Value for WH Moons over K-space Moons. And buff the WH mining anoms.

Also adding scan down roaming NPC targets

It has been pointed out that content [especially inbound PVP targets] has been lower in WH space since Scarcity and many of the Changes. (Looks over at the Marauder changes)

  • Personalizations

Requests for more personalizations that can be purchased in and out of game.

Corporation Level Doctrine Based based Personalization usage of Evermarks. [En Mass]

The Question of Station needed to apply for Evermarks. Non-Station Deployment Personalizations…allowing for more corps to engage in personalization.

  • Wardecs

It has been voiced on two levels and two different tracks.

  1. Players want the wardec threshold dropped to its older wardec system. Argument for more fighting and conflict in highsec. Possibly some changes to “holding corps” as well. So if a wardec goes down…things can’t be easily being swapped around.

  2. Activity Prerequisite. It has been pointed out that someone needs to go on the attack within 30 days or the wardec ends. Instead of the current systems.

Since a certain someone has dropped out from the CSM Campaign. I guess my vote goes to you.

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Further Increased concepts with FW.

Shotgun Approach.

Maybe…we pull an Eisenhower…you attack on multiple fronts instead of going with one concept or another.

  1. gate check for highslots [which can screw up the farmer fits]
  2. activity check for actions in the site versus NPCs and Players
  3. increase the point size to force it need to be the players have to clear each others NPCs off or keep off the point.
  4. BF NPCs need to drop something of value [insignia]
  5. LP payouts by ship hull class gradiated.

And there is discussion of Capitals being allowed in BFs and other content in FW. I would argue if an empire FW NPC of equal value and size can be spawned.

@MILINT_ARC_Trooper would you back any idea mentioned below as CSM member?

  1. Insane idea - pay with PLEX in NES for extra dev time
  2. Quafe+ is from "biomass" (...or corpse reprocessing)
  3. Little things / Small QoL suggestions - Better Visibility Of Other Players’ PI Networks
  4. Little things / Small QoL suggestions - 13 requests for Stack Split enhancment since Jun’18
  5. Little things / Small QoL suggestions - PI KB-shortcuts for toggling between groups of structures

@Elinore_en_Divalone You have an interesting set of ideas, that could be considered from different angles.

  1. The PLEX for dev time item…would be practically dead on arrival. Because who ever has their dragon hoard of PLEX will dump it into the NES with [fix please…put this please into game.] Now more NES rotation for items to spend PLEX on okay, more vanity skins and clothing yes. [Within flavor of the game…and our Overlords preferences.]

  2. Now the Quafe biomass idea…following lore etc. I think there should be a set either biomass per corpse reprocessing amount, or the Quafe stations and any related to them. [SOE hint hint] could should have markets with with set prices for corpses. [This also includes blood raiders and their proclivities] So some of the corpse stockpiles get used up. Other than being drifter bait, of course. Might fuel a very interesting high/low/nullsec market for bodies…and again as you said if corpses are valuable people will pod more often.

  • Although, I would like some review of chance to drop implants if that were to be implemented. Probably a 10-25-45% chance normal time. With special events like Hunt/Crimson Harvest going 50-75-90% for implant drops.

  • However, there is a catch. To get the implants you need to reprocess the corpse. Yes you get biomass, and implants but the body is destroyed. Now if you sell the body you can’t pull the implants out of it. So it becomes a choice and pro-con decision. This would also mean collecting corpses during events would also be highly profitable on two fronts. But one has to make a choice.

  • And the price of the corpse can be valued by a NPC “appraiser.” If a particular character has gone a long time before being killed their value goes up, if their body has a certain set of implants onboard value can be increased as well. Maybe a particular corpse has really bad NPC standings so if you sell it to the NPC in question you will get a bigger value? So there will be incentive to either reprocess and get implants and biomass; or sell the body to various NPC stations for unknown purposes.

  1. The stacking issue is a bit of a problem right now in game. And there are some things that can’t be stacked or compacted. [Abyssal Modules] I am not sure how we go about fixing this, because it seems that CCP has hard capped things at 1000 [stacks or units] of any item in game. Trying to put a cap on “dragon hoards” of items in game. But I can also say there is some bugs and glitches surrounding stacking as well, right now a problem has developed with mining ships where for some reason the game doesn’t stack ores together properly. So the ship fills up with tons of multi blocks of same ores. It does merit some fixing and concerns.

  2. P.I. Interactions, this one is a fairly ironic situation indeed. Since all the changes. So your two QoL should be rolled into a major concept surrounding P.I. issues. Yes, the visibility of other players P.I. set ups is a clunky Planetary Industry view…right click option. why can’t it be used as a setting from the start when you go into P.I. view?

  • We should be able to see someones P.I. set up on a planet we share/occupy with them.

  • P.I. negative traits. [Like overlapping extractors penalty] could be used by players to “P.I. PVP” a hostile players P.I. set ups. Causing shortages and problems. Driving conflict…see future content section.

  • Allied Players in Corporations and Alliances can link up and share links between their P.I. set ups. Or even delegate P.I. set ups on the same planet. One player specializes in raw components, another T1, the other transportation and storage. And interlocking those players activities. [Which would also cover a toggle feature if you are so inclined.]

  • Potential future content concept…this information and intel on enemy/friendly P.I. would allow for some “planetary raiding or bombardment” to disrupt P.I. networks. Maybe allow the unused Siphons to be deployed around POCOs to steal P.I. from the POCO. Just a thought.

I do believe many of your QoL concepts are within reach and reason…only the PLEX for Dev Time is probably not possible. But 4 out 5 are good ideas with work needing to be done.

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