Quafe+ is from "biomass" (...or corpse reprocessing)

Allow reprocessing of corpses into Biomass, a PI commodity, while slightly reducing Planktic Colonies (required to produce that PI’s Biomass) concentration. This will incentivize more PVP with podding.

If you afraid of the abuse by ppl podding themselves for Biomass I say you can already get Biomass for free and faster (2000+ units/day - from one planet) by doing PI… Let them, they will eventually get bored doing it to themselves and switch to doing it to others and get more fun :slight_smile:

If your sole interest was in Quafe+ then here it is :slight_smile:

Of all the 65216 PI capable planets only 9.45% can be used for harvesting of raw component Planktic Colonies required to produce Biomass
(3234 ice 4.95%, 2935 oceanic 4.5%, (source)[Planets - EVE University Wiki], last edited on 25 December 2022, at 09:38).

Due to that scarcity of Planktic Colonies raw component, the Biomass’ price is 50% higher on average than other P1 planetary commodities.@1.2k ISK/unit avg. Even single planet type resources like Felsic Magma (lava planets only) or Reactive Gas (gas planets only) are cheaper than Planktic Colonies

Biomass is then used (indirectly) in production of:

  • Broadcast Node (160 units of Biomass required to produce 1 unit)
  • Integrity Response Drones (in two different components out of 3! - so 320 units of Biomass required)
  • Self-Harmonizing Power Core (160 units req.)
  • Recursive Computing Module (160 units req.)
  • Sterile Conduits (160 units req.)

All required for production of Structures, Sov upgrades and Capital modules. As you can see, a lot of value is at stake here and depends on a scarce resource. More examples will follow.

Biomass unit volume is 0.38m3 while capsuleer corpse volume is 2m3 (yeah, I know it’s weird).

What if the corpses could be reprocessed, with basic 50% efficiency (or higher depending on Reprocessing skills level)? Then ~1m3 or ~2 units of Biomass would be possible to recover from one frozen capsuleer corpse? Let’s bring things into perspective a little.

To build (but not only) Territorial Claim Units (or TCU) required for system sovereignty declaration by alliances, requires, among the other, commodities mentioned earlier, “containing” Biomass:

  • 6 x Broadcast Nodes
  • 5 x Integrity Response Drones
  • 6 x Self-Harmonizing Power Core
  • 6 x Recursive Computing Module
  • 9 x Sterile Conduits

Converting it to Biomass required gives us 6240 units. That is 1 or 2 boring days worth of Biomass production at PI factory on one planet…

…Or exciting 3120 frozen corpses reprocessed into Biomass at standard 50% efficiency! As theorized earlier.

While gruesome to some it would neatly fit in EVE Online utilitarian ethos of (almost) zero waste. Furthermore it would give more reason to pod on a mass scale if Planktic Colonies would become slightly more scarce.

There once was even a BP available for a special deployable corpse harvester (Mobile Sanguine Harvester) available from Crimson Harvest event. I don’t know if it was BPO or BPC but the harvesters can still be bought from market for ~16mil ISK (min price). It could come back and become more useful.

One more thing. The lore article on capsuleer body cloning states that best source of biomass for this purpose are cadavers. So allowing this proposition to reprocess corpses into Biomass would be consistent with New Eden lore.


This is the 3rd quafe thread in a few days and im not even mad


“Quafe is good for keeping up your mood”

But seriously, let’s maintain gravitas, after all it is about usefulness of corpses beyond mediocre bragging rights

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It was asked 10 years ago already, and back then @ISD_LackOfFaith (biomassed) responded with

it’s because corpses are not composed of minerals, which are the only things that reprocessing facilities are designed to handle

Can’t those facilities be upgraded already? Or restrict this kind of reprocessing to stations equipped with clone bays only.

Or add the Biomass BPO/BPC that requires corpses as input. CCP guys, you did that Sanguine Harvester BP, why not Biomass from corpses BP to complement it?

And maybe this corpse reprocessing should be omega only, since getting Biomass out of a planet requires omega :thinking:

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No way will I sacrifice my Corpse Collection for a week’s worth of pi extraction.

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How about (Attention: new corpse use idea :bulb: ) paying for jump clones with corpses collected? Say 2-3 corpses redeem you a jump clone?

Price could vary from station to station like industry costs and could be tied to pod kills count for example.

How could it work

  1. First you must have them in your hangar at a station with cloning services.
  2. Then you go to cloning services
  3. Here a new panel would allow you to see your quota of free jump clones and an option to deposit corpses and redeem another free jump clone and increase the quota.
  4. Next time you want to use a jump clone for fast travel you have an option to pay 900k ISK for it or use one from an available to you quota earned from redeeming corpses.

I would leave corpse reprocessing described in OP as well - the more options the more useful it would be :wink:


The process of collecting corpses for biomass has ben covered by lore article already

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