DutchGunner for CSM 18 - Events, Highsec, Lore and more

You have my vote (for the case other CSM candidates can vote)

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As another CSM candidate, I endorse DutchGunner as a great part of any CSM. I have flown with him for quite some time, and also sought after his expertise in the past in order to learn about some of the many areas of EVE in which he is knowledgable. He is fun to hang out with, has a good attitude and would contribute to any discussion about how to make EVE better.


I agree that there are things in the game that can help people increase their standings fast with NPC Corporations. But if you have bigger negative standings, being stuck with nothing but lvl 1 agents still makes it a really big grind. Especially if you have really low standings as that could mean that you won’t even be able to that as the Navy NPC’s will actively hunt you. Faction standings are even more of a issue in this regard.

Negative security standings used to be a grind between recovering negative NPC corporation and negative Faction standings. This was resolved with handing in tags and isk with the amount and type of tags and the amount of isk be directly related to your security standing and how much you wanted to improve it. And the effect is instant. I therefore think it is only fair and fitting that people can do the same with Faction standings up to 0.0 standings. It would certainly help people out that went all in on FW and would want to do something else without having to create an alt in order to do it where they want to. And my suggestion was to use Navy tags considering the current FW focus, but it could also be pirate tags.

Glamorax boosters are a big boon to help increase standings but they can only be obtained and used for a specific amount of time instead of always having the option.

Thankfully candidates are allowed to vote and they are allowed to include themselves in their vote. Thank you for your support, welcome to the race and good luck with your campaign!

Thank you for your endorcement and best of luck with your campaign. It is another year with really solid candidates with a lot of overlap in expertise between the candidates so it should result in a solid CSM.

Also may I point out DutchGunner there is an ongoing issue with standings.

The game only counts your “base” standings not your skill enhanced standings.

So alot of people are by default locked out of various F.W. and other activities due some issues with the standing interactive system not being clear.

0.0 base, yes gives you access but sometimes the game wont read that as 0.0 but maybe a slight negative. Eve wiki points this out.

While most activities do include effective standings, only FW, and trading (i feel like im missing one) use base standings

@DutchGunner would you back any idea mentioned below as CSM member?

  1. Insane idea - pay with PLEX in NES for extra dev time (yeah, I know you’ve already voted No)
  2. Quafe+ is from "biomass" (...or corpse reprocessing)
  3. Little things / Small QoL suggestions - Better Visibility Of Other Players’ PI Networks
  4. Little things / Small QoL suggestions - 13 requests for Stack Split enhancment since Jun’18
  5. Little things / Small QoL suggestions - PI KB-shortcuts for toggling between groups of structures

Would it be broken to shift to effective standings? For FW?

Having slightly inaccurate standings due to the standing display only including a single decimal is something I consider only a minor inconvenience. Right now there is only the Triglavian Collective faction standing in which it can be a bit of an issue as docking rights in NPC stations in Pochven require standings above -0.05. There still is an indicator with the + or the - besides the 0.0 to tell you if you are a little positive or a little negative so it is far less of an issue. It might be a unwelcome suprise to be unable to dock but it really doesn’t take that much effort to go from slightly below 0.0 to slightly above 0.0. Even when just going for the rogue drones.


  1. PLEX for extra dev time: absolutely not! We don’t know what CCP is working on and what does or does not fall under that scope. To implement this and dictate what CCP should spend their Dev time on will not be good for the game as anything that would get implemented have to fit within the amount of time that was ‘reserved’ for said features this way. Not to mention that what players want and what the game needs don’t allign in a lot of cases and this opens the door for pay to win that so far hasn’t really made it into the game.

  2. The described situation sounds more like a shortage for 1 specific PI material and not a bottleneck that needs addressing/tweaking. If anything it that sounds more like a industrial/marketing opportunity that people have not yet tapped into. I rather have CCP spend their time and energy on other things in the game. Besides corpses from capsuleers are more like macabre trophies that during certain events even can earn you implants.

  3. This serves no purpose and adds nothing to the game other then a bigger strain on the server and client side. Not to mention that it will be a nightmare to be able to place/relocate any PI of yourself as PI structures can’t overlap with eachother. It will also make it that much harder to locate any of your own PI and that makes this idea clash with request 5.

  4. This is something that fits the small things/QoL and would help improve the game. I can get behind this and would bring this up to CCP / follow up on this with CCP

  5. I feel that this is more of a UI thing as it is hard to spot/locate any PI that you have placed on the planet. Perhaps make the markers stand out more so it’s easier to locate your own PI. I think this will get the same result but would require less time to develop and implement.

If Pirate or Navy tags + ISK could help people recover their base faction standings with the Empires up to 0.0, I would say that’s enough already.

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Good luck this year Dutch,

Just continuing from the prev posts, simply adding a split stack option to the right click menu would solve that issue for stack spiting and add much more accessibility for single handedness.

For what it’s worth I have always liked the idea that PI should be a mini RTS game like dune 2000/C&C.

What I would like to know though is LORE.

Should you get on the CSM what do you feel about CCP pulling some of the lore threads together to make a nice rug we can all look at say “ooooh nice rug” or is the continuation of disparate themes that appear to pull threads apart as apposed to unify them something you would want to influence or look into?

I know CCP like to leave a lot for us to piece together but it would be nice to have some movement. e.g. where in tarnation is “the other” now? When will ol’ Kuvakei progress his secret WH tech? What are the Rogue Drones up to? Do the Drifters have enough copses yet? When will the SoE, SoCT and Signal Cartel launch a joint rescue mission into Anoikis to save the last remnants of Jove AI stuck in VR substrates from those tyrannical body snatching cyber-butchers?

lastly what you you think about the Gallente invasion of Intaki? Legal or illegal?

Thank you!

There are a lot of different ways in which you can create, record and use lore for regular content, events and world building. The setting has a big influence on this and EVE is a sandbox in which all players and their actions are cannon and part of the lore. What complicates things even more is that different players will react and intereact differently with the lore. It is therefore a really hard balancing act but so far I think CCP is on the right track. If I am on the CSM I will push to get the balance as good as possible.

CCP is using the New Eden News and the SCOPE news video’s to report on the main story, events and player actions. There are used to inform us players on what has happend and it contains information on what could happen in the future. It allows for CCP to include players action into the ongoing lore and how the narrative progresses. It also makes things more easily accessible while also still being able to reward people who are (more) actively investigating and/or interacting with the lore. It is an impossible thing to balance as any easy accessible parts of the story will be found and cracked almost instantly after introduction but making it too hard means it will just get ignored.

During Fanfest in 2022 I asked the roundtable about storylines and the reply gave some insight in how CCP handles the introduction, continuation, pausing or wrapping up of storylines. CCP uses lore and storylines that allign with the content that they are working on. That means that when this is no longer a good match, the story can be paused and picked back up again when it is relevant and a good match again. While it doesn’t lead to clear endings, it just means that a specific chapter of that storyline is finished but doesn’t mean the story is over.

CCP is using a non-standard way with how they work with lore and story-arc narratives. It’s an interesting approach that allows for a lot of freedom while not losing consistency with the different parties that are involved. The Gallente invastion of Intaki is a good example. It is something that one would not expect based on how the Federation handled things in the past. Having said that, I think that while the invasion didn’t breach or violate any laws, it has been a violation of earlier given guarentees and it is repressing the Intaki. It does fit great within the current FW focus as it creates a big reasons for people to pick a side and use it in their own narrative. It makes for a great source of content generation though not everything has to be so polarizing.

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  1. What do CCP do correctly?
  2. What do CCP do incorrectly?
  3. What do you wish existed in-game that doesn’t?
  4. What exists in-game that you wish didn’t?
  5. What exists in-game that you think ought to continue to exist?
  6. What doesn’t exist in-game that you hope never comes into existence?
  7. How would you improve PI?
  8. How would you improve the entire corporation UI?
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1) What does CCP do correctly?
Continue to itterate on the game and keep it as balanced as possible while using data in addition to listening to and using feedback from the community.

2) What does CCP do incorrectly?
I don’t think CCP does things incorrectly. They might not execute things ideally, but that doesn’t mean they do things incorrectly.

3) What do I wish existed in the game that doesn’t?
As per my original post, a shield equivalent of the Nestor but it’s part of the EDENCOM ship line.

4) What exists in the game that I don’t like to be in the game?
I am not a fan of the skill injectors. Progression into other ships have improved massively since the start of EVE. Skill injectors have created the option to progress that much quicker at the expense of mastery of ships, playstyles and mechanics. This leads to much more dissatisfaction as people get into ships and content that much earlier and get beaten by others that have less skillpoints but a better understanding and mastery of ships and mechanics.

5) What exists in the game that I think ought to continue to exist?
Attributes and remaps. Optimizing the attributes and remapping them really helps with learning skills that much quicker. It is an underestimated and under utilized aspect of the game that will save players days to weeks in time. It could use with a reduction of the cooldown between remaps to help making it used more often.

6) What doesn’t exist in the game that I hope never comes into existence?
Any form of pay to win. And with pay to win I mean anything that gives you an advantage in the game over anyone else that doesn’t pay for the same.

7) How would I like to see PI improved?
I think PI could be improved if players can have standard setups that they can place in one go instead of placing each structure and setting each link up manually.

8) How would I like to see the entire corporation UI improved?
I would like to see it be more intuitive compared to how much of a struggle it is currently to assign roles and give authorisations and be sure that it works as you want it to alongside the standings regarding alliance and non-corp and non-alliance entities.

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4) What exists in the game that I don’t like to be in the game?
I am not a fan of the skill injectors. Progression into other ships have improved massively since the start of EVE. Skill injectors have created the option to progress that much quicker at the expense of mastery of ships, playstyles and mechanics. This leads to much more dissatisfaction as people get into ships and content that much earlier and get beaten by others that have less skill-points but a better understanding and mastery of ships and mechanics.

Wow I really love this answer, I’ve never properly understood the argument against skill injectors. You know what though, they’ve created an industry, sure it’s somewhat of an aberration, but that’s kind of dark and EvE-like in and of itself.

Perhaps a way to turn remapping into a n industry that effectively replaced skill injectors (will never happen). They should at least monetise remapping with micro transactions I should think, if not create an in-game industrial/exploration play around it.

These answers are great, I believe we share many of the same values.

That is a big no for me! The remaps allow you to optimize your attributes to lower the time it takes to learn skills with said attributes at the expense of more time for all skills with the other attributes. It makes your choice for your remap important as it could have hard consequences if you get it wrong. The current cooldown of 1 year is too long as it makes the feature too punishing if you get it wrong. Making it a micro transactions is predatory marketing and pay to win.

The remaps are an alternative of sort to the skill injectors as instead of getting instant skillpoints to raise skill levels it helps you train skills faster. The skill injectors are here to stay and they are implemented in such a way that it’s not really pay to win as you can still use isk to buy the extractors and injectors. In addition it is offset quite a bit by the fact that having the skillpoints to do things doesn’t mean you have also mastered everything that comes with it.

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I see, thank you for clarifying that.

I’m on the fence about you…

Will you oppose RMT and Gambling operations being run off TOR and other means, DutchGunner?

I don’t know what TOR stands for but based on a quick search it seems like a 3rd party internetpage kinda deal.

RMT is bad and should be opposed and dealth with as hard as possible. There is no room for RMT in EVE online, allthough unfortunately it does happen and is extremely hard to root out.

Gamling is in a difficult grey area. On the one hand there is nothing wrong with it, as long as it is run and supervised by CCP and with ingame assets only. On the other hand it is a very difficult thing due to the different international laws, the risk and trouble it causes for people that could become addicted or are recovering from addiction and RMT.

Considering the game is advertised as pg-13 or PEGI-12. No gambling should be in EVE period.

To be accurate…

Hi, Nice to se a fellow dutchy here.

I’m relatively new to Eve (been playing a couple of years now) and mostly in wormholes and had a lot of fun in pochven. I would like to know your opinion on the current state of pochven en how you view the multi-boxers there and i dont mean the ones having 4 accounts, but the ones for example running a complete vargur fleet on their own, or even multiple fleets.