Little things / Small QoL suggestions

Suggestion: Blocking or ignoring a user should block them from all your accounts
Keywords: toxic users, spam, chat, contracts
Note: both chat and contracts

Blocking or ignore a usera should block them for all my clients. Anyone sitting in jira for more than a minute will see local is a hellscape of scam contracts and spam… blocking ignoring users should occur for all my local clients. Ideally a sharable / block list.

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I’ve always liked this idea of coloring market orders with standings. The same for contracts.

But would this alter the market mechanics in anyways: They can not purchase from me, nor can I buy theirs?

Devil in the details.

Scammers thrive from uninformed consent, they lurk in shadows of impunity… If only I could decide upfront to skip the offer before I burn myself again…
I know the market orders coloring by standing won’t eliminate scams (nor it should to) …but it will make scamming even more demanding to execute.

Suggestion: Add number of stacks when spliting inventory item.
Keywords: ui, inventory
Note: It would be nice to split inventory items into multiple stacks of the same amount. Add a stack number to the ‘Set Quantity’ dialog that would allow more than one stack. Default value would be 1 to keep behavior same as it is now. If the value is >1 multiple stacks each of the same quantity would be created/split. Handy to outfit multiple ships with ammo, etc.

Culled from suggestion in Industry Gameplay Forum.

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Suggestion: Show the ship bracket text for all ships on grid in space, not just the one ship that is selected

Keywords: ui, grid, bracket
Note: Useful for PvP as well as streaming for others.

I am referring to [Always Showing Ship Bracket Text Option - EVE General Discussion - EVE Online Forums](Always Showing Ship Bracket Text Option - EVE General Discussion - EVE Online Forums)
This is extremely useful for PvP and streaming for others.
I believe this unsupported option was designed for AT, because of how easily viewers can follow what is happening on the screen.
Please make this a built-in bracket function.
This has so much potential. What if we can make it display ship types, speed, and transverse? Super useful for PvP as it will make it very intuitive.

Suggestion: Keyboard shortcuts for toggling view focus on PI structures groups
Keywords: ui, pi
Note: When PI structure groups are dispersed over planet surface its hard to find them

PI Tip: I have planets producing just 3 kinds of T1 only. And my infrastructure is split into 3 groups located at 3 different pockets of raw deposits. Far away from each other.

The groups are almost invisible from planet overview if not selected. The PI UI already focuses on one of them (my guess is the “oldest/” one) when entering Planet view.

Please, make at least a basic shortcut to cycle between the groups like Tab, Shift+Tab, <, >, A, D, left/right arrows etc. How about +/i for zoom in/out :slight_smile:

When you move the window far wawy from the structures, simple double-click focuses the window on the CC presently. How about if another double-click moves the window focus to another group of structures? And so on.

Keyboard shortcuts for PI structures
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@CCP_karkur any chance for a status update on all those 3k+ ideas? …like a backlog snapshot or sth?

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Suggestion: Shortcuts for Drone Abandon/Reconnect

Keywords: ui, drones, shortcuts
Note: Very high QoL change for tournament players

In tournaments, there is frequently the occurrence of having to abandon drones and also reconnecting to your drones. Especially with AT coming up, a lot of people would appreciate it. Providing shortcuts to these actions should hopefully not be a big development timesink.

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Suggestion: Option to see training time as per item or cumulative
Keywords: UI, Training
Note: Planning your training list and knowing when it will be in effect

When setting up the training queue, each item in the queue shows how long to train. It would be good to see the cumulative time required next to each item, the time for that item AND all the skills before it. This way I can know exactly when a skill will be ready when I have a long list. Example: retraining a different weapon so need prerequisite skills first. Yes there is the waterfall and the bottom time bar but this is not useful if you have managed to max out the list with a years worth of training time.


Take a trip to Iceland in September and ask her face-to-face!

I would bet a stage presentation is going to happen.

There is something like what you ask for in mastery levels tab in ships Show info panel and in skill plan tracking window. When you point at missing skill in the queue that is waiting, it shows how many days are left cumulatively until learned. This would be nice to have in general skill queue view too. Ex. when pointing at learn times at the right or flattened Gantt bars at the bottom.

Suggestion: Add Share button to the Overview Settings > Filters tab.
Keywords: UI, Overview
Note: Helpful for sharing Overview filters without sharing the whole overview.

It would be great if we could share Overview filters separate from entire Overviews. Z-S overview gives something like 70 different preset filters. Which is great but if you choose to modify any of those presets there is no easy way to share the new modified filter, not without sharing out the entire overview. The ability to share filters already exists in the game. Inventory Filters and Fleet Broadcast Filters are already share able.

Suggestion: Add parsing for the tag when saving Overview filters.
Keywords: UI, Overview
Note: When saving filters that previously used a color tag, it saves as plain text instead of parsing the tag.

It would be nice if we could save colored labels for your filter names in game. Exporting the overview settings to a text file so that you can add the color tags and importing them again is not a fun or intuitive experience. This already exists in game in the form of corporate roles. Roles can be created with the color tag and saved in game without the need to export/import to get the nice colored labels.

Hi Karkur,

Thank you for several awesome years of QoL changes. As the GMs have now announced that the chat system is not meant to be used as an intel tool, could we please get all standing icons and pilot flags (e.g., Criminal/Suspect/etc) removed from all chat windows.

Suggestion: ‘Fit ship’ to take into account modules in special cargo bays (subsystem bay for T3C)
Keywords: fit ship, subsystem, bay, T3C
Note: T3Cs are intended to be easily reconfigured. But when I use the ‘fit ship’ button to apply another fit when I have all the modules, it isn’t able to use the extra subsystem I have in the subsystem bay.

Follow the format as you see others do.

Suggestion: Remove or move the Only show adverts from your groups option in the Fleet Finder Compact Mode
Keywords: UI, Fleet Finder
Note: That option occupies a huge portion of the Fleet Finder window.

The Fleet Finder in the Fleet Window has an option that says “Only show adverts from your groups and public fleets requiring positive standings”. Usually that window is made as small as posible, which makes that phrase take two rows, reducing the space available for the fleet adverts. That option is also redundant because there is already a filter for Any, Good and Excellent Standing, so it could just be removed.
There is also a minor bug that makes the Fleet and Fleet Finder buttons bigger when the window is opened compared to the size of them when the compact mode is activated or deactivated.

Suggestion: Make it possible to setup Buy Order CONTRACTS for Blue Print COPIES.
Keywords: Contracts, BPC, buy
Notes: Atm you cannot buy BPC via contracts. When you setup a Buy contract, the system selects the BPO which does not exist for specific items like drugs, faction ships, pirate ships.


Suggestion: Make it actually known via tooltip info or a red x that you can remove added items in this contract menu step:
Keywords: UI, contracts, create contract, buy contract
Notes: How is someone supposed to know that they can remove the added item if there is no indication whatsoever that says you can do it? You actually have to have arcane knowledge that you can double click this line to remove it from the list.

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Suggestion: In any money transaction instead of writing like 251 000 000 you can just write 251 m and it will automatically change it to 251 000 000 the same for B for billion or for rich folk T for trillion. And also you can use the dot (.) to write stuff like 2.5m for 2 500 000.
It will for sure improve any kind money (or even some items) transfers, since you will never need to double check if you typed one less or more zero.
Also if you want to add thousand you can add it as K, or millions as KK, some people will prefer that since there are MMO’s that already use that method for money transfers.
I need to add that I have no experience in any kind of programming, I don’t know how hard would it been to add it to the game, but for sure I know that it will be an amazing addition to the game that will make isk transfers (or items) much easier for every level of wealth.