MILINT ARC Trooper For CSM 18

oh god even milints running this time, of course he writes a thesis that nobody will read as his application. very on theme.

i hope you can lead better than you can fit and fly ships.

To be quite honest, I’d say it reads more like a research paper than it does a simple thesis. You should give it a good read, you might see the research paper distinction :eyes:

You’ve not heard of the [dual-dual] rep Vargur?

Bless you.

Update on positions etc.

  • Wormhole Space

Wormhole Space has voiced Dissatisfaction with Siege Green Changes which should bring some review of this.

Also some added or escalation data/relic/combat sites have been requested for WH space.

Added Value for WH Moons over K-space Moons. And buff the WH mining anoms.

Also adding scan down roaming NPC targets

It has been pointed out that content [especially inbound PVP targets] has been lower in WH space since Scarcity and many of the Changes. (Looks over at the Marauder changes)

  • Personalizations

Requests for more personalizations that can be purchased in and out of game.

Corporation Level Doctrine Based based Personalization usage of Evermarks. [En Mass]

The Question of Station needed to apply for Evermarks. Non-Station Deployment Personalizations…allowing for more corps to engage in personalization.

  • Wardecs

It has been voiced on two levels and two different tracks.

  1. Players want the wardec threshold dropped to its older wardec system. Argument for more fighting and conflict in highsec. Possibly some changes to “holding corps” as well. So if a wardec goes down…things can’t be easily being swapped around.

  2. Activity Prerequisite. It has been pointed out that someone needs to go on the attack within 30 days or the wardec ends. Instead of the current systems.

Since a certain someone has dropped out from the CSM Campaign. I guess my vote goes to you.

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Further Increased concepts with FW.

Shotgun Approach.

Maybe…we pull an Eisenhower…you attack on multiple fronts instead of going with one concept or another.

  1. gate check for highslots [which can screw up the farmer fits]
  2. activity check for actions in the site versus NPCs and Players
  3. increase the point size to force it need to be the players have to clear each others NPCs off or keep off the point.
  4. BF NPCs need to drop something of value [insignia]
  5. LP payouts by ship hull class gradiated.

And there is discussion of Capitals being allowed in BFs and other content in FW. I would argue if an empire FW NPC of equal value and size can be spawned.

@MILINT_ARC_Trooper would you back any idea mentioned below as CSM member?

  1. Insane idea - pay with PLEX in NES for extra dev time
  2. Quafe+ is from "biomass" (...or corpse reprocessing)
  3. Little things / Small QoL suggestions - Better Visibility Of Other Players’ PI Networks
  4. Little things / Small QoL suggestions - 13 requests for Stack Split enhancment since Jun’18
  5. Little things / Small QoL suggestions - PI KB-shortcuts for toggling between groups of structures

@Elinore_en_Divalone You have an interesting set of ideas, that could be considered from different angles.

  1. The PLEX for dev time item…would be practically dead on arrival. Because who ever has their dragon hoard of PLEX will dump it into the NES with [fix please…put this please into game.] Now more NES rotation for items to spend PLEX on okay, more vanity skins and clothing yes. [Within flavor of the game…and our Overlords preferences.]

  2. Now the Quafe biomass idea…following lore etc. I think there should be a set either biomass per corpse reprocessing amount, or the Quafe stations and any related to them. [SOE hint hint] could should have markets with with set prices for corpses. [This also includes blood raiders and their proclivities] So some of the corpse stockpiles get used up. Other than being drifter bait, of course. Might fuel a very interesting high/low/nullsec market for bodies…and again as you said if corpses are valuable people will pod more often.

  • Although, I would like some review of chance to drop implants if that were to be implemented. Probably a 10-25-45% chance normal time. With special events like Hunt/Crimson Harvest going 50-75-90% for implant drops.

  • However, there is a catch. To get the implants you need to reprocess the corpse. Yes you get biomass, and implants but the body is destroyed. Now if you sell the body you can’t pull the implants out of it. So it becomes a choice and pro-con decision. This would also mean collecting corpses during events would also be highly profitable on two fronts. But one has to make a choice.

  • And the price of the corpse can be valued by a NPC “appraiser.” If a particular character has gone a long time before being killed their value goes up, if their body has a certain set of implants onboard value can be increased as well. Maybe a particular corpse has really bad NPC standings so if you sell it to the NPC in question you will get a bigger value? So there will be incentive to either reprocess and get implants and biomass; or sell the body to various NPC stations for unknown purposes.

  1. The stacking issue is a bit of a problem right now in game. And there are some things that can’t be stacked or compacted. [Abyssal Modules] I am not sure how we go about fixing this, because it seems that CCP has hard capped things at 1000 [stacks or units] of any item in game. Trying to put a cap on “dragon hoards” of items in game. But I can also say there is some bugs and glitches surrounding stacking as well, right now a problem has developed with mining ships where for some reason the game doesn’t stack ores together properly. So the ship fills up with tons of multi blocks of same ores. It does merit some fixing and concerns.

  2. P.I. Interactions, this one is a fairly ironic situation indeed. Since all the changes. So your two QoL should be rolled into a major concept surrounding P.I. issues. Yes, the visibility of other players P.I. set ups is a clunky Planetary Industry view…right click option. why can’t it be used as a setting from the start when you go into P.I. view?

  • We should be able to see someones P.I. set up on a planet we share/occupy with them.

  • P.I. negative traits. [Like overlapping extractors penalty] could be used by players to “P.I. PVP” a hostile players P.I. set ups. Causing shortages and problems. Driving conflict…see future content section.

  • Allied Players in Corporations and Alliances can link up and share links between their P.I. set ups. Or even delegate P.I. set ups on the same planet. One player specializes in raw components, another T1, the other transportation and storage. And interlocking those players activities. [Which would also cover a toggle feature if you are so inclined.]

  • Potential future content concept…this information and intel on enemy/friendly P.I. would allow for some “planetary raiding or bombardment” to disrupt P.I. networks. Maybe allow the unused Siphons to be deployed around POCOs to steal P.I. from the POCO. Just a thought.

I do believe many of your QoL concepts are within reach and reason…only the PLEX for Dev Time is probably not possible. But 4 out 5 are good ideas with work needing to be done.

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So, also this year we have the meme candidate. Excellent. If - for a thousand reasons or none at all - you end up in the CSM with Drake, I swear I’ll bring the popcorn to Groska for all devs at the Summits.

please do not wish this hell upon me


We do have tourism tours if needed.

Vote for MILINT, for more fits!

More activity, more tourism (that may or may not end with a killmail), more interesting concepts, and yes corpse launchers! And combat tractor beams!

Milint can you break you stance down into less than 250 words? Include what you think needs changing/what needs added.

I am too lazy to read that massive wall of text you created.

It is absolutely vital that MilInt and Drake are forced to serve on the csm together.

@PixyWarrior_Ellecon This might be a problem, because the more I ask and look around. There are problems everywhere.

So Review, Add, Buff.

Almost every field is having problems from the 2020 to today time frame.

Interactive and Escalation content is desired by almost every sector high/low/null/wh/pochven.

The biggest first hand though, is getting the haulers setup with all the buffs to their ships. We need to increase movement of goods around New Eden.

We need to review what is in game at the moment, we add where holes are, and buff what is still in game.

Probably as simplistic we can do.

Next thing its going to be CSM Fight Club? Well this will be interesting.

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MILINT ARC Trooper, an EVE Online player since August 2020, is running for CSM18. They have experienced various eras in the game, including the Triglavian Invasion and Scarcity Era. They’ve engaged in diverse activities, exploring forgotten content and witnessing both positive and negative changes across gameplay facets.

MILINT ARC Trooper aims to be a representative voice for a broader spectrum of New Eden, particularly focusing on the Industrialists, Mining, Hauling, and Exploration Communities that feed into EVE Online’s ecosystem.

As a solo player, they’ve followed the advice of a veteran EVE player to not join a corporation, leading to unique adventures. They approach their candidacy with a realistic perspective, avoiding overpromising.

Regarding concerns, MILINT ARC Trooper highlights issues with changes lacking comprehensive testing, which has led to unintended consequences. They provide detailed feedback on various in-game mechanics and changes:

  1. HAC Changes: Discusses the Muninn ship’s imbalanced resistances and suggests adjustments to its setup.
  2. Frostline Omnivore Mining Upgrade: Highlights a module’s issues post-patch and its impact on the game.
  3. Mining Changes - Waste: Addresses the negative reception of waste mechanics introduced to mining.
  4. Mining Changes - Crystals: Criticizes the unified crystals system and suggests improvements.
  5. Mining Industrial Core and Support Infrastructure: Notes problems with the Industrial Core and its implications.
  6. Mining Changes - Compression: Suggests refinements to compression mechanics for a smoother experience.
  7. Nullification and Interceptors: Talks about the impact of nullification changes and proposes adjustments.
  8. Warp Core Stabilizer: Critiques the negative effects of this change on ship vulnerability and suggests alterations.
  9. Shrinking Cargos: Expresses concerns about cargo shrinkage affecting ship values and new players negatively.
  10. Planetary Interaction and Industry: Points out issues with P.I. mechanics and suggests improvements.

MILINT ARC Trooper’s platform focuses on enhancing the gameplay experience for several communities within EVE Online:

  1. Hauling Community: Proposes new Triglavian Hauling ships, buffs to specialized T1 haulers, and the creation of unique hold modules.
  2. Mining Community: Suggests improvements to compression, drone specialization, and mining anomalies.
  3. Exploration Community: Advocates for unique escalation sites, interactive items, and more rewards for exploration.
  4. Faction Warfare Community: Addresses concerns about recent changes to faction warfare and suggests improvements to mechanics and LP stores.
  5. Infrastructure Stance: Proposes changes to station mechanics, fuel debuffs, and nationalization of Highsec POCOs.
  6. Miscellaneous: Offers various suggestions for improvements and additions to the game, from module diversity to ship roles and collectible ships.

MILINT ARC Trooper’s candidacy promises a balanced and thoughtful approach to addressing concerns and enhancing EVE Online’s gameplay experience across various communities.

In my brief interactions since becoming a CSM Candidate, MilInt has proven to be imaginative, intelligent, and optimistic. We should protect their smile instead of being haters.

Thank you for the positive stance Melicien.

May the best Capsuleer Win!

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May the best 12 capsuleers win. I don’t think we’re competing ;p

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I had a few questions for you regarding Highsec wars and ganking:

Do you think that the current wardec mechanics need iteration?

Do you think ganking is balanced in it’s current state?

Is there a way to make ganking more interactive for counter-play?