Gustav Mannfred for CSM 18 - Vote the old Arena!

This is something that CCP should do.

I would replace all these static agents with some epic arcs that can be repeated every 90 days like the blood stained stars one. Only beeing able to do them once in th elifetime of a character is a huge problem. If you fail a mission or you cannot get a required item out of a site because it gets permafarmed 24/7 then RIP. Also, these missions should not have any time limits like the epic arc missions.

What also should be done is to rework these static complexes so that obtaining the required items gets much easier, like removing the requirements to destroy all NPC’s, as they respawn so fast. It is often nearly impossible to get to the next room as by the time you are killing the last rat, the entire room already respawned. This is a huge problem in the Gallente Scellet comet site in Detole.

What I am against is that CCP removes these missions/sites, since a lot of EVE’s Lore/History is attached to these sites. I mean they existed since like 2004 or so and have never been touched since then. Same also goes for all other missions, DED sites and Anomalies.


I have prepared a 5 1/2 page long list of changes I would suggest to the game, can post if enought people want to see it.

Hey Gustav, we fought each other quite a few times in the abyssal arena I wish you luck on your run!

While I thoroughly enjoyed that content as well, there is something to be said about it removing some pilots that would otherwise be engaging in the sandbox. In fact, all filaments are just a way to circumnavigate using a stargate in one way or another. I think this was actually a potential negative feature of EVE Online the video game, even though I enjoy it.

I am currently on the fence about this subject, and I know many pilots feel this way. Perhaps you can make a pitch to sway those of us on the fence over?

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Abyssal and arena filaments are fine, since you return at the point where you used them. Pochven and Needlejack are different on that matter.

Pochven filaments are often used in null to get to Jita fast to deliver loot. In my opinion the useage of the Pochven highway to Jita should have some risk involved too. Right now, when you pop a Pochven filament, you can immediately cloack and wait the logoff timer. I would suggest adding a 3 min no cloack timer after using a Pochven filament, so that others can potentially scan down anything that entered Pochven with the filaments. This would also bring some content into Pochven. You can still warp to a station and dock, but that has risk too.

Needlejack filaments are fine in my opinion, as they are often used by pvp pilots to find a fight, like ESS and so on.

I agree on your points. There are too many “single shot” items that can mess up standings or activities for players.

There is still reports of one particular player who has been camping a particular cosmos chain ruthlessly so anyone attempting to redeem the item is attacked and ganked their items looted and the chain denied.

Personally I think some sites should have timers. 3 Months to a year depending on the situation.
Especially the Data Analysis sites for standings. [This would drive a huge market for tags in various empire space] and allow players to repair standings in another fashion.

There are also story arc agents, that don’t always alert you that you need to start from the first agent or prerequisites. Things like the Secrets of the Shamans story arc can actually be interacted with before the chain, because of the site is a scan down combat site.

Also “Circle” Agents are one shot event lines that sometimes can be messed up. But can only be done once.

The Career Agents should also give cheap simple Lv 1 missions once you complete your NPE training arc missions. Allowing for some interactions post NPE completion.

AIR needs Agents.

Adding Roving Scan down DED and Concord Agents, that you scan down…jump to them and they give you a mission to complete within X distance of your current location could drive some interesting content for sure.


You have shown that you know how to make the best out of the things at your disposal ingame and you think about (legacy) old content that could be (re)used to be included in new content. You also pay attention to how existing things could be tweaked to create a better balance to features in the game. I think you would make a good adition to the CSM.

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@Gustav_Mannfred would you back any idea mentioned below as CSM member?

  1. Insane idea - pay with PLEX in NES for extra dev time
  2. Quafe+ is from "biomass" (...or corpse reprocessing)
  3. Little things / Small QoL suggestions - Better Visibility Of Other Players’ PI Networks
  4. Little things / Small QoL suggestions - 13 requests for Stack Split enhancment since Jun’18
  5. Little things / Small QoL suggestions - PI KB-shortcuts for toggling between groups of structures

I would do 3, 4 and 5, 1 and 2 seem rather memy to me
3, 4 and 5 are some great ideas

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My favourite thing about this game is watching when players don’t get their own way. On a scale of 1-10 how upset does instanced content make you feel?

  1. What has CCP gotten right?
  2. What has CCP gotten wrong?
  3. What do you wish existed in-game that doesn’t?
  4. What exists in-game that you wish didn’t?
  5. What exists in-game that you think ought to continue to exist?
  6. What doesn’t exist in-game that you hope never comes into existence?
  7. How would you improve PI?
  8. How would you improve the entire corporation UI?
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  1. Most stuff actually
  2. Failed to communicate certain things, like the thing with the arena or the exact reasons why the old arena was removed
  3. The old abyssal arena
  4. Bots
  5. No idea
  6. Removeal of the “legacy” NPC’s
  7. I don’t do PI at all, but make the UI more accessible and easier to understand
  8. No idea, I don’t use it at all, only in an alt corp atm
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What do you mean by this? Do you mean the mission agents, or the lead characters in Evs’s lore?

What is important about this to you.

What is the purpose of an alt corp and is there anything that being in an alt corp requires that the ui does not cater to?

Thanks for your replies.

I mean the NPC’s we have in agent missions and in anomalies/sigs etc. They should stay the way they are. As well as the COSMOS rats. If they ever want to do something with missions/anoms, they should just add new stuff and not do anything with the current missions. They have been like this since day 1 of the game, and something from that time should stay in EVE I think.

I don’t use that UI at all, since all stuff is done on my main. Alts are just “there”.

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Funny that you should mention the COSMOS missions. I was reading on Reddit just yesterday that the COSMOS missions have been bugged for the past 15 years and that in many instances you can not physically complete the missions because of these bugs. In the particular thread that I was reading about, a bot camps an item that is required for mission completion and then sells that item for an exorbitant price. The fact that they’re screwing players is just fair-game in EvE. The fact that it’s a bot is not. And the fact that you then have to buy this massively over priced item several times over because the mission line is bugged and you can not physically complete the mission seems broken…

Do you have an opinion on that?

As I said in a post above, these COSMOS missions should work like epic arcs, meaning infinite completion time and repeatable every 90 days. If it is the case that certain items cannot be obtained, then CCP could introduce some new forms of aquiring these, and also doing somehing against all these bots.

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You have my vote.

We ended up losing the Proving Grounds for Abyssal Arenas that clearly asked CCP to take care of them and invent more and more event Filamensts, which was obviously untenable.

Nothing warranted getting rid of the Proving Grounds, they asked for no dev attention and were their own little system (although I admit the bling needed to be reduced).

Now getting something that could be automated and that generates new kinds of Grounds would be nice, but more importantly, bring back something that had no need to be removed.

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Will you stop RMT and Gambling operations being run off TOR and other means, Gustav?

I will do my best to stop RMT and other activities associated with this, like botting and hacking of accounts. Gambling has been banned since 2016 and now is only done by CCP throught the Hypernet.

Here is my list of suggested changes: My suggested changes to EVE - Google Docs

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