[Split] - Quafe IRL

its no good being on the discord when new bros need assistance in game.

The bot is a toy, is says that is has no reliable information

Might The Deathless have some relation to this fellow?

There are many things in EVE that could be considered “Deathless”, for example we, the players are deathless, our bodies might ‘die’ but we live on.

This guy is extra deathless, either because he’s been deathless longer than anyone else, or he’s supposed to die somehow but doesn’t because he runs off redbull and doom music.

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he’s supposed to die somehow but doesn’t because he runs off redbull and doom music.

So he’s a programmer then?

Aren’t we all deathless? …until biomassed ofc

I think it’s heavily implied that our psyche breaks down every time we die.
IE We won’t be immortal like this for very long

i wish they’d program that in.

i want my character to go space crazy and start seeing things that aren’t there like the last 45 minutes of Stalker Shadow of Chernobyl.

I figure its more the recurring trauma, alcoholism and insomnia kind of damaged psyche. Your mental faculties are still there even if your emptional ones are getting a little frayed.

…and to mitigate those effects you would need to drink Quafe. More and more every time you die.

12 pack of quafe, only 50 USD!


One of my offices I rent is in a Quafe station in Heimatar hehe …but I don’t get any discounts on Quafe :confused:

Can you drink it at FF?
Or at least do drinking cups bear


CCP could hit a jackpot with Quafe offer in merch store :smiley:

But I guess RL food sale regulations are pain in the ass and not worth a hassle :confused:

But… CCP could partner up with an already established Icelandic beverage producer :open_mouth:


Top revenue ($246.63mil) position from that list is:
and one of their product (COLLAB) reasembles Quafe+
COLLAB contains collagen (read gummy bears :slight_smile: ) and Quafe+ contained “biomass” (pretty much the same what collegen and gellatine are obtained from)

Horcruxes coming to Eve Online…

Another cross-over event…

I though it was another tribute to The Witcher saga (the first were Triglavians imho :stuck_out_tongue: ). Why?

This is Salamander hunchman

This is Deatless

Can’t you seen any resemblance?

Also Deathless logo

looks like Jove Stargate

Maybe it’s a hint what next?

what if this is the eve version of stellaris´ grey tempest ? :face_with_peeking_eye:

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I flagged my ONE quafe post in deathless speculation thread to be moved here and this happened :rofl:

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or whatever

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