Player Idea

Since this is not very fitting of the normal player features and ideas section I will plop it here until it falls into the grey abyss of the forums…

My idea is for CCP to have a small vacation, more of a trip, to a donut shop or fancy wine place, whatever puts a smile on their faces. After reading through the forums I have seen what they have to put up with on a daily basis and I believe that as people they deserve a little break and a at least a day of “quiet-calm”.

TL;DR CCP vacation cause donut wine good calm

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If the CCP employees don’t already do this they really need to hang their collective heads in shame and stop calling themselves professional IT folks.

Also you really needed to include coffee. Lot’s of coffee.


CCP HQ? Hákarl donuts and fermented sardine juice calm, then.

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Players have banded together in the past to buy pizza for CCP employees.

You can even do it yourself. There is a preferred pizza joint, but I’m sure if you ordered online from any of the Reykjavik pizza places nearby CCP and had it delivered, they wouldn’t mind in the slightest.

Not sure if you can get donuts delivered.

Actually, there’s a Dunkin Donuts about 1 km away:



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