A few thoughts which i think will improve immersion

a few things i’d like to throw in here. this was origonally posted on the “little things/ QOL” thread but was informed it wasn’t really suited for that. as a result I have created a seperate thread for these ideas.

these are what i would consider to be small little tweeks to the game to effectively help further player immersion within the game environment.
just one man’s humble opinion based on the things i’ve seen, experienced and know about the game.

  1. consumer goods trade routes should be increased, my thinking for this would be to help people who are low on isk / interested in basic logistics and hauling have more of a base style of game play. things like wheat, medicine, anything basically listed in the trade goods or perhaps even passengers section of the market place.

  2. bring smuggling back into the game as a sub profession, there is depending on region a series of illegal goods, which are confiscated, if there were some seeded sources in low/ nullsec regions and static profitable high sec buy orders it would mean some aspect of smuggling could come back to the game, or perhaps areas with increased loot rates and people can utilise the contract market for purchasing but filling buy orders in high. personally i could see this being supported in the agency should CCP feel the need to expand on that much more. smuggled goods could possibly become useful for certain Blueprints for example.

  3. ability to produce trade goods/consumer products (either by PI or BP’s), producing wheat, medicine, such things. alternaively if enough profitable buy and sell orders are put into the game, you could simply produce something like quafe for a quick ISK

  4. T2 strip miners + T2 Mining crystals should produce optimal yield
    a while a go in the game there was a time where using T1 strip miners with crystals netter more yield than T2, honestly its been a while since i’ve looked at this or even had to use the materials myself, but i just think the yield should be improved and cycle times should be that same, just my humble opinion on that one. mainly because if no one uses T2 Mining crystals there is no sense in producing them.

  5. allow fighters to acrew some kind of exp and rank up.

this one is a bit more long winded, but when it comes to drones i understand that in the Lore they’re programmed and there are limited on the AI’s that can be released, however fighters are either optional AI or actual pilots if i understand correctly, given the development of different AI’s in this game for enemies (when i joined sleeper AI’s were all the rage and now we have diamond AI’s which are brutal as hell) i figured what would be an interesting improvement for fighters is that the pilots inside get progressively better. allowing for better AI’s and increased comgbat effectiveness.
can start them out as normal
then give them “faction” level which would be a sleeper AI
then “officer” which would be something like a Diamond AI just without the warp capabilities.

working under the assumption that T1 fighters are all AI but T2 requires pilots it would mean T2 drones could progress and just be much more interesting and useful on the grid.

not sure if that’s do-able i don’t really know how fighters work, but i think having these things would be pretty cool in the game, would help enrich the experiences of players which help bridge the gaps between the key play styles and such.

  1. just a random thought here too, but I’d like to see concord to random stop and searches on ships in high sec, just because. high sec does have illegal goods and materials, i think having them stop and search your ship would be cool, an inconvenience maybe, but could maybe lead to something bigger and fun down the line, perhaps limited engagements with concord where they don’t just insta-pop you for breaking the law, you have a chance to brawl and escape.

  2. this one i thought of while at work and have taken inspiration from the Triglavian content
    having standings with concord or a specific factional group, above 3.0 and this group will start repping you in those regions of space. (this way it doesn’t just work in high sec, if your fly to blood raiders space and you have 3.0 standings with them or higher they will rep you / assist you should you become damaged)

this is just some small tweeks I think would be cool and fun for people.

be safe all


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You can already make decent isk even early on hauling between jita and regional markets. There are even common trade routes for this practice each with varying amounts of risk.

I was against drugs being made legal in hs and would love to see this return. Including the random chance of scans from the faction npcs.

Npcs should never repair or aid the player in such a fashion.

Players should be manufacturing for players not npcs.

Fights are in a good place and don’t need an arbitrary buff/ debuff


#7 exists mostly with diamond rats. 2.00 they don’t attack you and 5 00 they will rep you.

do diamond rats do this too? i only thought the trigs did this?

yeah i’ve seen a few of these, i just thought expanding on it a little would go a long way to help new bros in the game.


i thought with the trigs repping people, it would be an idea to increase this form of AI all around, this way in blood raiders territory those on good standings get repped, maybe the idea of aid is too much, but i didn’t mean they warp to you when in danger, i was thinking more along the lines of how trigs operate atm.

not sure what you mean here.

agreed, however like the rest of the player base I am curious to know whats going on with capitals

You wanted goods produced for and bought by npcs

They did it before the trigs

ooooh i see, yeah i figured it might be interesting to have players produce their own and have a secure form of low sales to NPC’s but actually now you’ve put it that way you’re right that doesn’t really fit into the game much. especially if asking for an expansion of whats already there, its kind of one or the other but not a bit of both in this case.

I actually didn’t know that, so if i find a gurastis FOB in high sec and have good standings with them, they’ll rep me?

is thats the case i genuinely had no idea about that, i quite often miss the FOB raids which happen, that community is kind of stagnent atm

I am HIGHLY in favor of CCP focussing more on these design decissions.

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