An Idea for New Content

Got an idea while running missions a while ago, I think this is the place to share it…

I would like to see “Smuggler Missions”:

  • Low volume courier missions in high sec, within 2-10 jumps of an empire border
  • Cargo pick-up/drop-off is inside of gated deadspace pockets (prevent people from just using the same covops/blockade runner meta for everything)
  • Upon pickup of cargo/crossing opposing empire’s border, pilot and any fleetmates get a suspect timer that lasts until they make the border/delivery
  • Delivery of cargo gets ISK/LP reward and standings
  • Destroying a capsuleer smuggler’s ship gets the same reward (but disbursed as a “bounty”) and standings for the opposing NPC corp/faction

This makes courier missions that are a bit more spicy, and adds meaningful combat opportunities to high-sec space which can easily be avoided by those who want no part of it. Cargo volumes should be kept small so that pilots can use combat ships to move the cargo if they feel it’s the best move, and for higher level missions you could do some really entertaining stuff like pickup being in a deadspace asteroid field, as such the mission can only be run with a mining ship, that sort of thing.

This could also easily connect to FW: what happens to Amarr production schedules if abolitionists make a significant dent in the slave labor pool? Or to the Minmatar labor force if Amarr slavers significantly escalate abductions in Minmatar space? What if Gallente drugs become so ubiquitous in Caldari space that they have difficulty finding sober workers because “**** it, it’s mindflood:30”? Are the Caldari making faulty control circuits for Gallente construction drones that operatives will install on-site?

(sir! That bulldozer thinks it’s a Vespa! Any command we give it, it just responds with “LOLZ FROG AGGRO!” and keeps attacking the food truck!)

Personally I think this would add a lot of fun to the game, at least in the way that I play it. Hopefully any CCP staff who read this think so too.

Thanks for reading!

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Seems like a good idea.

Unfortunately when traveling through Jumpgates, there are Customs NPC’s that will scan ships for contraband items, most of the time they’ll confiscate the item, impose a hefty ISK fine along with a very large standings hit (or any combination of those).

Basically the mission item would have to be something new or after accepting mission offer, Agent grants some sort of temporary transponder to bypass Customs NPC’s…

That way players won’t get hit with those penalties.

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New items would probably be the easiest route, like “Liberated slaves”, “Federation grade Blue Pill”, that sort of thing. Lore-wise the transponder would make more sense since even the new items would obviously be illegal, but might be a bit more difficult to implement.

Well, instead of creating a bunch of new items, CCP could just code the temp transponder thing into the mission code so that when the mission is accepted, it will bypass Customs NPC’s.

Maybe have it work only for route to drop-off location so players can’t smuggle a bunch of other contraband items elsewhere… Also since it is a ‘Smuggling Mission’, just have mission site accessed only by small fast ships…

ooh yeah, the mission code thing is a good idea. The problem with route-to-drop-off is that part of running a mission like this would be scouting ahead for the best route without gate camps and with minimal capsuleer violence in the past few hours. If the transponder only works on one route, then there would be gate camps galore along that route pretty much all the time.

Well, thus the reason for a small fast ship…

Also the mission can be offered by various agents so gate campers would have a hard time trying to camp the route.

but at the same time if there are only a few HS systems where the border crossing could reasonably be made, could narrow it down. may actually end up in some situations where it would be safer to dip into low sec?

Don’t think there’s much need to worry about gate campers since they’re usually set up on market routes.

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