[IDEA] CONCORD Transport Services

So i would like to propose CCP introduce CONCORD transport services that we could set up through contracts or directly somehow.

After many years you accumlate lots and lots items scattered everywhere in new eden. When you realise that you have billiions in assets you kinda want that back. But having to go and get every item is just a thankless task.

Yes we have some pilot services but the costs are just silly high (sorry black frog) and yes we have courier contracts that people might pick up but often they dont.

So it would be great to have a npc Concord service that we of course pay a fee for and moves it to jita or amarr.

Having like personally 50bill ISK scattered across the universe kinda sucks and im sure its the same for lots of long term players

i know the comments will be but then that negates jump frieghters and nullsec being able to move stuff and it may stop other professions.

all i am proposing is a ONE WAY trip to Jita or Amarr and can be only used from NPC stations not any player owned citadels anywhere.


Want to know why? Do a search.


Sure, just as long as Concord hauls your stuff just like you normally would have. That is, in a completely untanked, overloaded freighter, which we can then summarily bump and shank at any gate we choose. You cannot jump into high sec, or through high sec systems. Concord would have to use gates like everyone else. If you are talking about it being instantly and magically transported to Jita, that’s bordering on asset safety, which is cancer…

I am completely against ideas that replace players :rofl:

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Then you have enough ■■■■ lying around that you can just use asset safety to dump it to lowsec and then use blackfrog to ship it out. There’s only what? 10 places in all of lowsec that null asset safety goes to? For a jam-packed JF, blackfrog only charges a bil isk for a contract with 25b collateral. 600m for 10b collateral. Size doesnt matter. And that’s Podion to Jita, which is probably as far away from jita as you can get for an asset safety system.

I always find it funny when people disagree with a service that would actually help them.

Things like this always go over your head it seems.

Moving assets, fleets of ships, billions of loot, can be a powerful thing. It needs to go through all the normal risk/reward process of hauling for it to have any meaning and value. If we can just move assets around willy nilly, how do you scout fleets? how do you stalk a whale of a kill? how would that blue loot have any value when it can be magically transported safely by everyone?

One day you might understand how an economy works. But it is not this day…


It would help me if PvP was removed so I can do my PvE farming without interruption. That doesn’t make it a good idea.


Saying it “helps people” implies they have the same lack of thought as you do that caused you to have ■■■■ lying all over the galaxy. I dont. When I leave an area, I make sure to not leave anything behind. Unless it’s LO. That ■■■■ isnt even worth the asset safety fee.

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