Courier missions and courier contracts

Hello, courier missions among other things are out competing courier contracts that dont pay as much so there is lots of stuff that doesn’t move around. An NPC mission will also never try to scam you, but you run that risk when accepting courier contracts.

To make it worth your time to haul small packages you have to do it in bulk so that means you have to verify many individual contracts from many different people to make sure its not a scam among other things before accepting it. Its lot of work for little reward? Setting up courier contracts is also a tedious process.

Over all this aspect of the game could do with an overhaul imo.

So what is your idea for that?

Some kind of delivery service that is easy to use and cheap for petty cargo?

Well theres plenty of services available like pushx or frog among others

I am aware of those but I think they charge like 1M ISK per jump which is fine some times

Waitaminnit, wasnt there a conversation before about cheap npc couriers cause nobody wanted to use the actual hauling services.

This smells like a rehash of that

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This is what came up when searching for NPC Courier.

it is and @ISD_Traindriver closed some of his threads last night, im reporting this one for again opening a closed thread/topic

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As long as it’s about improving player courier jobs - and not the Npc Hauling again - I think that’s fine.

it’s NPC hauling… again…

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What happened?

Possibly miscommunication and a lack of openness toward issues and new ideas

So how do you propose to improve courier contracts between players?

Setting up a cuirier contract today is a pita tbh, also there is a minimum fee of 10K ISK which is pricing out some stuff.

Ok and… What. Do…you…propose???

Do you want npcs to take the place of courier contracts?

A hybrid system seems optimal but the most important issue is to improve the UX when it comes to creating and accepting courier contracts if you want them to grow

Mildly interesting talk from Fanfest 2023

Some slides from the talk

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