WTB courier contract?

Was musing while I had nothing to do for 10 mins or so. How about giving the ability to post WTB courier contracts? You could set parameters such as how many jumps, low sec - high sec, collateral min/max and of course reward amount.

This seems to be a weird concept.
Why would anybody who wants stuff shipped from A to B take the time to look through possible courier contracts instead of just setting up a contract? That way the contract always has the desired locations, fees and collateral.

What you are looking for is an advertising platform for a transport company. Hehe - speaking of it, this would be a nice change among all the alliance recruitment videos on the billboards.

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A contract is an UNIQUE, EXACT transaction and must be accepted in FULL. Everything must be known and fulfilled in order for the other side to accept. This includes what you want transported. Otherwise i doubt the contract knows how to move items into your hangar.

At best you can hope for a contract where you offer to transport a certain item/s, in certain amounts, between certain stations, at a certain price, with certain collateral etc.

You must also make individual contracts for every transaction. And it cannot contain unique items like unpacked ships/modules.

As mentioned, it’s a million times easier to advertise yourself as a hauler and negotiate terms in a convo, and then have the customer make the contract


I appreciate the feedback. What I was looking to propose with this idea is a streamlined WTB, a rudimentary example below of the choices in the drop down menu.

Region From: The Forge
Region To : Universe
Security Status: 0.5 - 1.0
Volume: 0-100,000 m3
Number of Jumps: max 15
Collateral : 0-1bill
Reward: 0-100 Mill

So I could set up 10 contracts like this and they could be filled by varying parameters.

If the customer fits the above then it gets accepted.

Because not all (quite a lot) contracts are accepted due to the customer who wants his stuff moved being clueless about prices (not all) also more importantly it would create competition coming from haulers side.


I agree you are right about it being easier to actually talk to people and agree stuff that way. However, this is not to replace that but another option, not everyone is good at negotiation.

I understand that it isn’t perfect, it is just an idea that something ‘like’ this might be useful.

So you want to modify the existing want to buy contracts so that you can make “ranged” want to buys?

Or are you asking to convert the simple courier system into a cluster-■■■■?

A is something interesting that could see use. B is something no one wants because it makes things unnecessarily complicated.

We already have buy orders. Set one up and any interested trader will fill it.

I still think that this has no place in the contract system. As Daichi Yamato correctly put it, contracts must be exact.
I am still sure that what you are looking for is advertisement, not a contract.

Now, the corp advertisement section comes to mind, where you can set a lot of parameters for your corp when trying to find new like-minded members. In a system similar to this a lot of variables could be possible. And … it’s advertisement!

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