New contract type - order&delivery

Burning ships is easy in Eve but getting new ones is not, especially for those who live far from Jita. My idea is new contract type to ease this problem. A player makes order&delivery contract, listing all stuff he wants, where he wants and price he ready to pay for delivering items. Other player can accept this contract, buy stuff from trade hub and deliver it to the destination to fulfill the contract.

Create contract interface should accept drag&drop fits and lists of items, have “check price and volume at …” button to show price of all items in selected station. Money gets taken from player account immediately after creating the contract (reserved for contractor who accepts it).

Accept contract interface should have same “check price and volume at …” button and “buy all/missing items” interface (preferably with specifying crates to take items from, like multifit interface). After accepting the contractor gets money reserved for the contract and courier package created with all items he bought/took from crates. Then he delivers the package or returns money plus small penalty amount if items were not delivered in specified time (contract amount+penalty gets reserved from the contractor account until he finishes it).

I understand this may be a bit complex and possibly prone to some scams but this would really helpful for a lot of players and boost both economy and PVP as players will able to get their fitted ships much faster (and burn more of them :slight_smile: faster too).

you can create a item contrac and say you want to have this stuff. ive done this several times and it works pretty good. im sure im not representative but i aassume this "fuction " is not in player head.

yes ! i agree with this

shouldnt you know how much the items are if you want to buy it ? and the volume aswell ?
but ok, could accept it !

no … otherwise i accept your contract, take your money and never deliver it !
the contractor only should payed after finishing the contract !

i dont think it will change that much because lot of corps and alliances have a tool for order new stuff.

Why not simply maintain an alt in Jita to buy stuff and put up a regular courier contract?
Said alt could be on an Alpha account.

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