Contract Suggestion

Hi all,

How would everyone feel about a new contract option. Say I find a BP that I can’t build due to skills. What if we could contract that to an indy player with the return being the finished item? The reward would be open for negotiation of course, and the item would have to be delivered in the station/citadel in which the contract was made (to prevent the scam that is prevalent among courier contracts to stations with no permissions for the transport pilot).

Does that make sense? Or am I being crazy?

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Right now the contract system requires both the offered items and the requested items to be available for transfer at the time the contract is accepted. Contracts that persist through time are quite common in the real world but the real world has enforcement mechanisms to discourage breach - the game does not.

I don’t think changing this is very high on the development priority list! For now it’s about trust. You contract someone the blueprint at fair market value. They build the product and contract it back to you at an agreed price. Both parties benefit from the transaction so there is incentive not to betray the trust.


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