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I’m not sure if this type of thing has been suggested before, but I think a good feature for indy people and others, is to have someone be able to use someone else’s BPO/BPCs to make items for another person.

I’ll explain. I get that treachery is a thing in EVE, hell that’s something that’s great, except when it comes to trying to do something honest. Many BPs don’t take a lot of skills to manufacture, but some of them are kind of a pain in the skill department, especially when your queue is 1000d long.

This contract feature would allow someone with the appropriate skills, to take on a manufacturing job for someone else with a provided BPO/BPC (mats included, or not) for a reward, but wouldn’t allow the transfer of the BPO/BPC and therefor negate the need for messy collateral exchanges, trying to calculate your own minerals/materials added for manufacturing, etc. So essentially someone could come to your manufacturing station, use the materials and bpc for you and the item is delivered to you.

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Sorta like a General Contractor maybe?

Probably work better if it was tied in with Engineering Stations, basically you bring the Blueprint and the materials to the station and the Corp that owns the station automatically builds the item for you at a fee higher than the regular service rate.

No. This is a horrible idea. If someone doesn’t have the skills to build something, then why would they have the BPO for it? and if you are getting someone to build something for you, why not just give them the isk and have them build it.

your suggested system adds absolutely nothing that that couldn’t be handled easier by just buying the item outright, or doesn’t get handled just as easily by the current bpc’s.

You’re wrong, when I ran Cosmos I got a lot of Storyline BPC’s and special materials to build those items but they required special skills to be trained, like Takmahl Technology, Talocan Technology, Yan Jung Technology and Sleeper Technology.

Luckily I had a friend who was all max trained on Production and Science skills who charged me a small fee to build some of those items for me. However he was rather busy most of the time so I eventually trained up those skills myself so I could build the Storyline modules at my leisure. Problem was I had to wait for the skills to train.

Course back then if you didn’t have a POS, then you had to find a manufacturing line, get in queue and wait quite a while for the item to be produced. Obviously there’s no assembly waiting lines now but the point is that some players like myself don’t do a lot of manufacturing and as such those skills have a low priority compared to other skills.

Back then I would have gladly taken the option to drop off the BPC’s and materials at a manufacturing station and then pick them up when ready. That would have saved me a lot of time plus I would have had those modules much quicker.

Now that I have over 190 mill skill points, all of the skills I deemed important back then are all maxed out. I’m now currently training up skills that I’ll probably never use. In fact in 3 months I’ll basically only have Capital ship skills left to train.

so in your very particular niche example. you still managed to get it built just fine without a dedicated “general contractor” contract or mechanic built into the game… so why would ccp spend development time on something, that even in your niche example, wasn’t needed.

Actually no, like I said before, if that option was in the game I would have definitely used it back then and I wouldn’t have trained up a bunch of skills that I rarely use. Sure the guy built a couple modules for me but he was rather busy with his own Corp stuff most of the time. I ended up training the skills so I could build the modules myself.

Bottom line is I couldn’t use the BPC’s when I needed them due to having to train a bunch of extra skills in order to produce them. That was an issue for me years and years ago, now I don’t have that issue due to being a much older character with a crap-ton of SP’s.

so… if the option was in game, you wouldn’t have had to interact with another player… in an mmo…

No, that has nothing to do with it.

I interact with players all the time, even though I fly solo.

This is actually quite common in corporations/alliances that build a lot of doctrine ships. Containers with bpcs and materials are handed out for people to build and the finished products are given back to the person assembling the fits. (multifit was a godsend!) Fitted ships are then either put up on contract for members to buy or handed out for SRP.

There is a certain amount of trust required but that’s true with any cooperative venture in Eve. You’re not handing people the keys to the kingdom.

You get known in corp if you have the ability to build high skill items like T3 ships but I’ve never seen anyone offering this as a public service - not sure how you’d market it.

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