Skills and BP

I suggest that if skills and NPC generated BPO are to remain, only have them offered in Low Sec.

We need more reasons to use LS and also more market competition in these two areas.


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They have just added an option to buy skillbooks at any place/station for some extra ISK. That includes ALL skills that can be bought from NPCs.

So it seems that there is little do discuss about your suggestion.

As for BPOs - ORE BPOs can only be bought in NPC null sec. So that part is already a thing. But you only need to take a trip there and out once.

Not sure how moving BPOs to LS will promote market competition, on contrary newbros will find it harder to get in manufacturing industry reducing potential competition from established players.

Just come out clear: you want more players in LS, and you want them to be industrialists and traders for easy kills.

There is always room to discuss…

…and I’m suggesting to expand on that.

How? If the demand is there, people will go into LS to get the BPs/Skills to resell at the HS hubs. Supply/demand…

I literally did say that…

I’m not a PvP’er and I don’t give to shits about kills…try again.

What I do care about is that CCP STOP hitting the easy button and try instead to figure out how to utilize what they already have.

2 posts that are a good example of why some ideas just need:


Feel free to engage then if you have any questions…

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