Investment Ideas

I’ve consolidated down to one account from the dozen I was running at one time. I don’t have much in the ways of isk. But if you had 50b in your wallet and wanted to have small line of isk coming in each day/week/month to slow the bleed of your isk each time what would you do?

I’m not saying the activity has to be limited to 1 account, but I’d like it to be at least semi passive.

PI can be a good one, though the lower the sec status the better the extraction yields. That being said, with some planning, you can set up manufacturing planets to run for 2-3 days at a time.

50 billion and one account sounds perfect for capital ship BPO research.

Hulls and/or components, both fit your budget although your investible capital will constrain you to ~20 dreadnought prints.

It’s extremely passive. Set up a POS somewhere that you won’t attract attention, rig it, and research.

So are you selling the researched BPCs? Or buying BPO from the NPC market, researching and then reselling the researched BPO on contract?

The latter.

You can alternately sell BPCs on contracts if you prefer, or even complete construction packs (1 hull BPC, with all the needed component BPCs to build it in one contract)

Interesting idea, I’ve always seen BPO on contract, but wasn’t sure how good of a market that is, or how quick they would sell.

Except that CCP recently removed the bonuses from POS and modules, didn’t say?

OP: manufacturing in general is a quite passive way of earning a lot of ISK, if you pick the right markets. Else my PI farm with one char and 5 planets nets me about ~200M per week with a very lazy approach. I visit the farm in nullsec maximum twice a week. But I’m not that serious about, it’s pocket change compared to the potential of manufacturing lines and trade.

I assume finding an EC/Azbel ETC with t2 research rigs would be just as good?

I’m wary of the manufacturing because I’m going to be a newb in that field, and not have the prowess to really control the market. Most of the t1 markets I have seen are very skimped on profits.

Look for a public EC with the right rigs (T1 is enough), do a background check of the owner, talk to her/him, and be prepared to evacuate your stuff in case bad luck hits the owning corp.

Profits are mostly with T2 stuff, but also with some of the new meta modules where BPOs are sold by NPCs. As a beginner check small and medium T2 rigs (gets bonus from equipment rig).

EVE-Mogul has many public research ECs.

New Caldari has a research rigged Azbel.
Kamio is a Sotiyo with research rig.
Ashab is a Sotiyo with a research rig.
I’m working on getting a research Azbel up and running in M-O operating as a freeport as well.

You may need to battle indexes, for larger scale researchers putting your own raitaru/rigging it in a 0% system would be beneficial, until that index goes too high then rinse/repeat.

Should help you find a system with a low index, you’re looking at the ME/TE index, manufacturing is irrelevant and copying doesn’t really matter in the long run.

Yeah I’ve actually been eye balling the eve mogule facilities. That seems to be the hardest part, to find a reliable facility that is owned by a corp/alliance that isn’t going to let the fuel run out, get war decc’d or tear it down

Well EVE-Mogul has been operating for 4-5 years now, and our structures have been up since they’ve been anchored at the release of ECs last year. I don’t see us having and issues in the immediate future, and have the ability to defend if necessary.

You are right, the index is super relevant for BPO research, the number of reliable public facilities with near 0 index are rare. So once you burned them, you have to wait …

BTW, I miss an invention rigged EC in your portfolio. I’m regularly doing long invention runs where time is money.

I personally do all my invention in the Kamio Sotiyo, but I may move to M-O once it’s set up.

Ah, missed that, Kamio has a Lab opt rig.

@Jeronica I see you run the mogul investment thread, is there going to be any more funding opening up I could get in on soon?

I feel it’s better to post your own Raitaru in a low index system and put one rig on it.

I use that for expensive jobs, and public citadels for cheap quick jobs (So as not to shit up the index of my system)

Yeah I’ll see how this first round goes and if it proves profitable. That’s definitely an option

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