Where to Invest 200+ Billion?

Hello there,

I have accumulated overtime over the years Isk of having followed the rule “Don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose” etc. I have over 200B to invest.

I feel like I desire to use it, if i just let it sit in my wallet, it will lose big time to inflation etc, such as might as well divide it up into plex and skill injectors.

I wanted to probably heavily diversify and not too much risk.

Send it to me, I’ll invest it in high maintenance blueprint research and then send you 6.8% monthly returns.


It is hard to say where to invest these days, since nothing is a sure bet. Historically, people have invested in plex. However, plex prices are very high and the CSM was very vocal with CCP to the effect that they think plex is too high - and CCP responded by noting that they have various means to allow them to lower said price.

What is it that you do in eve that you enjoy? My suggesting would be to “invest” in what you like doing. From there, keep an eye out for potential isk making opportunities (although I suspect you already do this).

Alternatively, you could also invest in a trustworthy “fund”. Here’s a link to my fund. Investing 100bil would give you 2 bil a month guaranteed; 200b would give you 4bil a month guaranteed. Other funds are also available, but do your research first as some appear to be scams.

In any event, congrats on the accumulation of wealth and best of luck to you!

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Buy the first t2 BPO that surfaces on the market. That’s the best investment you can make. Hope that CCP doesn’t (rightfully) replace them with 1000 run BPCs.

Speaking of t2 BPOS, I wonder if old veterans retired or left the game while still holding the t2 BPOs on their frozen accounts. It’s something CCP should research.

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I am always hopeful that, when I buy an old character from the character bazaar, it has a T2 BPO that is handed over to me.

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Also, in before greater fool theory.

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