I have almost 250b in liquid ISK. What's a good long term investment?

I have almost 250b liquid ISK and I’m not interested in the game right now, but I want to keep PLEXing my account for training as well as invest for the long term. Is my money best spent on an AT ship/PLEX or something else?

I only want to invest 200b of said 250b ISK.

Any recommendations?

When CCP realy stopps giving out AT ships those would be your best option. BUT when they start giving them out as special event items your invstement would be in ruins… to risky if you ask me.

PLEX would be the better option than letting it sit in ISK obviously. A good T2 BPO would be an other option. It would generate ISK on its own as long as you keep selling the copies now and then. (And I guess we all agree that CCP won’t give out T2 BPOs again.)

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So either PLEX or a well research T2 BPO. Well that is limited isn’t it. I’m worried about the day that PLEX finally decides to crash is the day I invest it. Thank you for your reply.

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ISK can inflate, PLEX can crash, ships just aren’t “in the meta” anymore. But PLEX will always let you train and play, that limits the risk a bit.

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There’s no guarantee that PLEX will always go up against ISK, and hasn’t done so much as of late, but at least it will always be worth something as you can trade it for game time.

What things are worth can change on a dime depending what CCP does to the game. T2 BPOs could be nerfed or inactivated tomorrow. Rorquals could be nerfed or buffed changing what minerals are worth. Moon goo was recently changed and could be changed again. At least you know that 500 PLEX will always get you one months game time.

To preserve value, I would go 1/3:1/3:1/3 with a third in a basket of core materials - minerals, PI material, T2 moon materials, salvage, etc., a third PLEX and hold the last third in ISK. Or even easier, skip that materials and just go 50:50 ISK and PLEX.

If you want to actually invest in something, you would need to identify something that will become rarer (hard to do as CCP can and does re-release things) or is going to appreciate in value due to upcoming changes to the game or recent ones that haven’t been fully felt. I think this is hard to do under the best circumstances, but even harder if you don’t know when you might come back. I think I would just diversify my assets instead of trying to pick something that needs to be sold at a particular time to realize a profit.

Yes, there isn’t. But at least there is a mechanism that should prevent PLEX from getting really cheap: Every time it drops in price some players will recalculate their “make or buy” options for PLEX.

Your Best bet is to start market trading low volume High Cost items Like officer and Deadspace modules. also if you are in an alliance start building T1 and T2 Capital Modules and seed those on market also. i mean there is a big War going on at the moment, so finding out what all the alliances are using for Doctrine ships and starting to seed those ships/ mods on market and on contract will bring in a nice income for you also.

50:50 ISK:PLEX actually sounds like a good idea. I actually have an additional investment in a certain ship that has netted me 10b in gains over 2 years, not the biggest gain, but a gain none the less.

As I said in the OP, not that interested in the game right now. Playing other things, so I was looking for something to dump ISK into while I was away. But thank you for the contribution.

well thats just it … With market trading you can just pop up a load of sell orders and log off waiting on everything selling and watch the isk roll in. I have a market trading toon and i only log in once per month to renew orders and restock again. can be lucritive if you find the right things to sell

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Will you log in at all?

If yes, buy capital (not supercapital) BPOs and capital component BPOs and research them to ME 9 or 10. One login sets them going to ME 7, the next to ME 8, then two more logins are required.

9/14 capital BPOs will sell for 2b over NPC price if they are off-meta, and 3b over if they are meta. 10/14 will sell for 3.5-6b over NPC price.

If you are not intending to log in, buy a basket of goods that you feel are underpriced right now (i.e. the value does not reflect the amount of player effort requried to produce them).

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Left Monocle.

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Hi, how much % do expect to get / month from your investment?

Hmm, either I’m looking wrong, but the contracts show there is barely a profit to make from researched capital BPOs?

You can try investing in your connections 。This is a Good choice
When you have extra ISK And when you don’t know what to invest

It’s not my primary activity in EVE, but it certainly makes me a lot of ISK on the side.

I’ve sold a bunch of ME 9 carrier, FAX and dread BPOs in the 3700-4250m range.

there is no truly passive income in eve, the blueprint research to sell or copying to sell is pretty good (look into titan bpos), another possible option is to invest in sp farms, they will take months to pay back though but are extremely low effort. Another one you can try is to look at market discussions every now and then and fill up all the collateralized loans but that is only a few % every month and there is a finite supply of new loans to fill

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Plex is down, I invested heavily into it and its done now. But you only care about the price of your investment when you cash in and out. Plex will rise in the long term as the game health deteriorates and more players refuse to sub and instead rely on RMT or ingame wealth to buy PLEX.

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