Best way to buy CCP Plex, and trade for in game ISK?

Crunching some simple numbers, and looking to purchasing Plex from CCP, and then flip for maximizing ISK in game. Here is what I see…

$10usd gets me 240 Plex. Which sells on market for only 3.2M ISK

Daily skil injectors ~ 58M ISK *
Small skil injectors ~ 170M ISK
Large skil injectors ~ 815M ISK

  • NOTE: for $6 usd, we get 10x daily skill injectors…sell for 580M ISK

Am I looking into this the right way? Is there a better approach to doing this?

I have read older posts, about buying Aurum, and use those to get Injectors, and then sell for ISK. But I don’t see any info on those other than basic description. It seems there is low market volume for Aurum, so I should stay away, since I’m looking to generate ISK in a shorter timeframe.

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Yip make a new account, buy 1 year of game time on the site, train cybernetics to 5 get +5 implants x 2 in the skills you want to train to withdraw afterwards, this method works out to about 30+ billion for 1 year of eve time which is $131. 30/131 = 229mil per $ although you have to train up to 5mil sp before you can extract, so there is that initial investment. buying plex on site atm is really expensive. Not sure if its posible to buy 1 year of game time for multiple char training thou which would be great :confused:

Also if you run the event sites getting the skill training speed implants sometimes boosts your isk earnings.

I may be missing your topic, which is a very good point. ATM, short term less interested in extracting SP. More interested in shorter term ISK for my Main…so I can buy equipment and ships, and do PVP (which I can take on more dangerous places, without worrying about losing ships which can be ISK expense).

Well instant gratification comes at a massive cost, just like everything else in eve, pvp isn’t super expensive how much rl money are you thinking of investing in eve, that could help determine the best course of action.

First, reduce everything to ISK per dollar.

PLEX = 76.8
Daily Skill Injectors = 96.6

Small / Large injectors you cannot buy directly from the NEX store; you can only buy (empty) Skill Extractors, the points are sucked out of existing characters’ heads, by players who are willing to do that. So because you cannot buy directly from the NEX, you ultimately have to use PLEX as a converter, so assume the PLEX conversion rate.

Skill Extractors = ?

You can look at other New Eden Store (NEX Store) items; maybe there are popular SKINs (ship paint schemes) or clothing items that are popular that may convert with better rates, but be careful because these things may take a long time to sell on the market.

Short term, I’d say get a couple of the PLEX or Daily Injector deals. 1.5 B ISK should be sufficient for some time if you don’t fly bling PVP ships. Part of your savings will have to come from not flying what you can’t afford to lose, as much as possible.

Long term, as explained above, the cheapest deal is to create a Skill Farm Alt. Create a new (free) alpha account right now, and create a character and queue up all the Alpha skills. This will train the initial 5 million skill points for free. Keep the account alpha (free), until…

CCP is likely to offer a 40% discount to brand new Alphas to go Omega for a year, comes to about $8 per month if you buy the whole year. Check periodically for that deal, and take it when they offer it. Once you take it, your Skill Farm Alt will go Omega, train about 1.6 M skill points per month, with a long queue that you don’t need to babysit.

Then, every month, you extract the 1.6 M skillpoints into 3 Skill Injectors. Subtract the cost of the 3 Skill Extractors that you need to use each month, and you should end up with more ISK/dollar than the PLEX. The whole thing relies on the fact that subscription with that discount is much cheaper than 500 PLEX to go Omega per month. And the Skill Injectors that you get from the alt are very desirable and will sell instantly.


If you are simply looking for some ISK to finance in-game projects, PLEX is the proper tool. $20 will get you 500 PLEX which you can sell to buy orders for a little over 1.5 billion ISK.

This will let you buy more (or more expensive) ships and equipment but it will not make you a better pilot - that requires experience and the only way to get that is play the game. CCP periodically puts PLEX on sale 10% or 15% off - you can also check authorized resellers who may offer sale pricing at different times.

The best way to PVP on a budget is join a new player friendly PVP corporation that has a SRP (ship replacement program). As long as you’re flying a doctrine fit, they will simply give you a new ship when you lose it.
One example:

There are lots of ways to finance a PVP career in game through industry or PVE but, some people are happy to pay CCP to avoid the grind.


oh look, they got the alpha injectors on sale for cash, that’s why it’s cheaper to buy them off the market than buying 20plex and converting that.

makes all those numbers look right

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