Plex needs to be more $ or less isk

As a returning player i find it annoying that its so easy to just buy your isk. Virtualy any isk making be it mining or ratting or what not feels wasted. The time it takes for the avarage player to make 1 bil does in no way shape or form feel fair as apposed to just spending 10$ once a month to bumb your isk.

May as well stop right there.

CCP don’t look at this from a players perspective, but from a business perspective and they don’t appear to find any issue with how PLEX is working for them.


But unlike other games. Isk making is such an intergrated part of the gam

I agree. It was anyway.

CCP are monsters I tell you…MONSTERS!

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Technically, you dont buy ISK from CCP - you get it from players who grinded them and want to buy commodity that is PLEX (thus no ISK faucet there and some ISK leaves game to sales tax). Plex-to-ISK price is governed by supply and demand and current prices are a reflection of that.

There is no way for CCP to “fairly” control ISK price for PLEX unless they artificially inject a huge amount of those in market, hurting their profits for a very short-term price decrease. Another way is to introduce PLEX sales that they have been doing from time to time - in-game effect of these is also temporary.


I mean, what’s the issue here? Sounds like alls well and good then.

Easy solution: I am willing to buy an unlimited amount of PLEX at 1m ISK each. That way you will get less ISK and it will feel more meaningful for you to buy PLEX in the NEX store.


Players set the market for the ISK price of Plex. It is players who decide how much their game time is worth, how much ISK they make per hour, and how many ISK they are willing to trade for Plex.

The Plex side of the supply is somewhat limited to players who care enough about ISK to hand cash over to CCP. This is a fairly inflexible supply.

The demand side is essentially unlimited, as players can create alts and multibox and grind accounts and bot and farm in Null and market trade etc. and basically make as much ISK as they are able to set their accounts up for.

If players en masse, are willing to trade 1 billion ISK for $10, then that is exactly what 1 bill ISK is worth ‘to the average Plex trader’. The problem is that CCP has distorted the game economy, the null farming, and the botting/AFK/multibox farming so much that ‘the average Plex trader’ is no longer ‘the average player’.

Real players are getting the shaft in ‘the new EVE’, while null farmers, bots and cheats of all sorts are now driving the game economy. The $$ cost of Plex isn’t the problem. The design of the game is.


I approach this from a game perspective … ISK making is part of the game, and I only do things for it, which are fun. If it’s not fun, I’m just not doing it. If this would get me short of ISK, I would buy PLEX.

Also you should remember, that ISK hardly can buy you fun in the game. Personally the only time I injected PLEX with cash was in my first year and later when Skill injectors were introduced (to push Tipa towards the magic 80M SP).


I actually applaud it. No need to waste time doing stuff you don’t want to do.

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1b can be made in a few hours easily

Managing planetary colonies once a week will more-than-plex your account monthly. Manage it more frequently than that and you’ll earn several Omega-accounts worth per month. And this money is literally made in your sleep.

Even newbies can easily make at least 50m/hr doing exploration or project discovery (the latter of which can be done in conjunction with other activities such as mining, or even while docked, and is highly multitaskable so you can do other things in EVE, on your computer, or physically near your computer). 1.5 hours a day on average making 50m/hr = 2b per month - not bad by newbie standards who are not knowledgeable, skilled, well equipped, or with high SP.

There are very good reasons why PLEX costs more than the equivalent $$$ in subs: it’s to encourage other players to $$$ for subs instead of or in addition to PLEX, thereby creating a balance between players PLEXing and CCP actually making money.

The problem of grinding for PLEX is making a game a job like activity. It would be nice if I could log in, do some DED or Level 4 missions without bothering for PLEX. PLEX could be used for comfort stuff like skins, T2 mining crystals which would not expire, some advanced ships and minor stuff like that but not for weapons. I find it kinda amusing that faction ships are free to play and T2 are not. Now also Level 4 missions are cut off so only PVE activity for Alpha Accounts are DED, Mining, and maybe some exploration ( not sure risk vs reward however - PVE/Explo stratios/astero in WH space is easy food ). I have no idea who did the marketing but its awful.

Disagree wholeheartedly for two reasons:

  1. If you honestly feel like this, then $$$ for the game
  2. Like I said, it is very easy to get involved in fun, high paying activities that even Alphas have access to. Granted, as Alphas you might need to get involved with other groups to achieve this high income flow, but this should come as no surprise: this is, after all, an MMO. And once you’re Omega, it is not difficult to steamroll your PLEX. Again, Fun and ISK are not mutually exclusive - you can maximize both by engaging is more dangerous activity and mitigating that risk with fleetmates while simultaneously increasing the excitement and fun of the game.

This can all be done with casual, short-duration gameplay, too.

… is you.

If Plex cost more money it would be worth more isk. Your proposal doesn’t make any economical sense. The value of Plex isn’t controlled by CCP for the most part.
Maybe you should worry about what’s fun to you? If mining or ratting are only fun because of the perceived value relative to real world currencies maybe you ought to find a different activity

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Sounds like someone doesn’t take pride in a day’s honest toil.

I wouldnt know, you understand. I have $10


CCP- “Hey, you got bot in my PLEX!”
Botter-“No, you got PLEX in my bot!”


And thus we have the reason why we’ll always have bots and PLEX will never go away. CCP/PA lip service aside, bots are needed to farm the ISK to buy the PLEX from the whales that pay out the wahzoo for tons of them.

Surely you don’t think subs carry this game, do you? It’s all about the live services. And that means having enough ISK farmed to keep buying PLEX purchased from CCP/PA. And having enough ISK farmed means tacitly allowing botting.

Who is forcing you to make the game your job?


No to the first part and yes to the second part.