Should I sell my plex for skill injectors? (New Omega Player)

I just started playing Eve two weeks ago and with Omega packs I got some plex. I’m thinking now’s a good time to sell plex and get some skill injectors on my new account since I get the full 500,000 skill points since I’m under 5 mil at the moment. I’ve already planned going into ore mining so my skill queue is set. Is this a good idea or should I save my plex for something else? Noob question.

For what reason are you trying to get into Ore Mining?

If it’s to make ISK, why not just use the ISK you’ll get from selling the PLEX to do what you want.

If it’s for fun, then by all means go for it. You can get into mining fairly quickly without much SP (like a couple of hours worth tops), and see if it’s enjoyable for you and whether you believe it’ll be worth your time to invest the isk/SP into it.

Okay, so you will get diminishing returns from skill injectors as you get more and more skill points. So, it does make some sense to use your plex to buy injectors now. That being said, there is also a good chance that your plans end up changing as you discover new activities and ships. So, I’d be reluctantant to tell you to dump all those SP into mining. Things have gotten better (thanks to things like the agency), but the game has a tendency to funnel new players into mining an missioning. And A LOT of players tend to get bored with it and move on to other stuff (or quit the game). In fact, mining barges was the number one extracted skill a year after skill extractors came out.

Thus, if you do buy injectors, I recommend that you apply the SP to general support skills. They’re not as glamorous as skills that unlock new ships or weapons, and they might not have a direct impact on your isk efficiency today, but they are super important, and they apply to wide range of ships. So, you don’t have to worry about them becoming worthless if you switch careers or whatnot.


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