I recommend buying PLEX while they're still cheap/exist. Right now is a good time to buy

Right now, in Perimeter, 500 PLEX are worth around 1.7 billion ISK.
I know that, because I went buying a few. I need ISK to fund some stuff in the near future.

I usually don’t use PLEX as an investment, (come to think of it, I don’t invest in games at all)
but it’s just too good of an opportunity to pass up.

I thought I share my reasoning with you.

Pretty straight forward:

Either the game’s going to crash and burn, with all your ISK going poof eventually,
or the game is going to do better, which means PLEX are definitely going back up again.

The chance of things getting better is there,
the alternative means you’re losing everything eventually anyway.

EVE Vegas marks the next spot of significance in this regard.

When CCP delivers, the price of PLEX will go up pretty much at the presentation already (customers showing convidence, smart traders buying up to resell after the presented feature(s) go(es) live, etc).

When CCP fails, then the price of PLEX will drop further, either until CCP finally delivers something, or until the game dies a horrible death. Either way it goes you can’t actually lose, because it’s either up or it’s gone eventually …

… with eventually probably being shorter than you expect. The more customers leave, the less customers will be willing to stay due to there being less people to play with, be friends with, be entertained with. “My friends are leaving” is a huge problem for this game. One guy deciding to leave can cost the game a whole group of people (and their alts, too).

I’ve read too many thoughts and feelings about peoples’ future decisions in this regard. I am absolutely convinced that failure of delivery means a loss of yet another big batch of customers. “Everyone’s” waiting for EVE Vegas right now. CCP knows that, which means that betting on PLEX going up makes perfect sense.

I know it’s pretty binary, but there really isn’t much of a shade there.
CCP really has to deliver something people will like.

When you know your ISK is going poof anyway, then you might as well bet on survival.
Feel free to send me 10% of your profits as a sign of appreciation. : - )

You have been warned …
… and you’re welcome. :slight_smile:


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Oh look, another one of these “end of the game” type doomsday crybabies. Yawn.


I would not. the market is wild. be warned, do not invest more than you can afford to hold/lose.

Actually it isn’t, but I don’t expect you to actually read and think about what you’re read.

Yes, do not invest more than you can afford to lose, yet one only loses when he sells at a lower price. Though, ask yourself … when the game goes downhill, what’s left anyway? Nothing. Otoh, when you bet on CCP turning the ship around, you can win bigtime.

Fact of the matter is that when the game goes downhill, everything is lost anyway. Betting on the fact that CCP turns the ship around makes perfect sense, because the stakes are high, but when they fail all that ISK you have is going poof anyway.


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Shouldn’t it be in marketplace instead? OP is basically screaming “please buy my plex i’ve just put for sale in Perimeter”.


It’s not cheap.

I bought my current Plex Stock about a year ago around 2,800,000 each.
The 3,400,00 price is around 21% cost increase.

The Plex rapid climb is due to too much Botting too much Krabbing and too much Blue Loot. Rorqual Mining also helped, but in this case the main effect was a huge devaluation of minerals.

I think that if Plex keeps growing at the rate that has been growing, we will start losing many players who only play because they can still pay for “Omega Time” with “Grinding”.


This being the case, I will suggest that you would be best served by simply sending all your ISK to me, right now, do not delay!

Why wait for inevitability, take control of your destiny and put an end to your ISK now!!

Thanking you in advance for taking back control!!!



If plex price is a problem that makes new players leave, ccp has many knobs that can be turned to fix it. Along with blackout and other changes. to the original point of “either ccp crashes and burns or goes through the moon” I seriously doubt there would be such a big buyout on a company with revenues surpassing 1 billion dollars in 16 ish years, if u do the math 1,000,000,000 divided by 16 years is how much earned per year…EVE ONLINE isnt going anywhere.

Im proud of CCP, the new partnership with Pearl Abyss, handling research and dev on manyfronts, analyzing data and making changes, recruiting new bros, all the FREE expansions, sheeet, and u wanna talk about the sky is falling.

As far as plex prices, Ccp controls the supply and it can be adjusted anytime, if u think investing is as simple as looking at past price and assuming it will go back to previous prices you have alot to learn. ccp can drop plex prices to 1.5 mil each if they wanted to, hell if newbros are complaining about plex prices being too high to earn with in game playtime it wouldnt surprise me if it was deflated because it would make sense for new player retention.

year over year ratting isk is down 60 trillion isk for the month and you think this wont have an effect on the market?

This is only the beginning of the great deflation you are about to see, where in the past you all invested in Plex to keep your value, the present situation appears to favor ISK as it is gaining purchasing power, during a deflation/ defalationary death spiral, the negative feedback loop feeds on itself, chaos is here, alot of value to be destroyed, SPECULATE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Really transparent way to influence plex prices for his own benefit. Pretty scummy, but I expect nothing less.

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You guys are a lost cause and I doubt any of you actually trade. :slight_smile:

no you!


PLEX problems will solve by itself then.

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Snicker. I am not surprised this type of drivel comes from people with numbers in their name. Are you Twelve?


CCP just drove away paying customers because Null sec threw a tantrum.

So as the number of non-cash players grows in ratio to the cash paying players… well end result CCP better hope that their staff like to get paid in in-game money.

why should i buy you overpriced stack of plexys when steam sold it cheap?
plex are worth much less then people think - it is worth exactly how much real plex users going to pay for it (and there are not that many real plex users specialy on this plex prices - if they ban all bots, who will sold his time so cheap), and steam promotions are just to good. It is better to wait for one and buy gametime cheap. We will have Christmas soon ^.*

So you are telling me I should increase my buying of 20B plex per month to … no given value … because … no reason ?

Very interesting, indeed.

Empty posts, all night long …

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@Nicolai_Serkanner :joy: