PLEX Just hit a record

3.7M. Has it gone higher before or is this the ceiling?


“It’s just a bubble…”

– every idiot since 2010.


Used to be a bill :wink:


Classic supply demand? Inflation? A little of both?

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Was predicted as an effect of the announced changes to L4 mission running, now the bots have to plex themselves to keep running



Good for business, amirite.

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It’s a consequence of supply and demand.

The demand for PLEX has been high since September, but the number of PLEX entering into the market has gone down at the same time, all while the volume of traded PLEX has remained fairly stable. You can see it here (see the second graph). So the price of PLEX is going up, because it has become a slightly rarer commodity these days.

Why people are selling less PLEX into the game lately is unknown to me, but the increasing value of PLEX should definitely make it more attractive again.

Also interesting to note is the number of online players has remained stable since the rise of the PLEX price. See here.


More Isk being dumped into the game due to botters, they are driving up the price of PLEX


2B ISK soon for 500 PLEX.

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its getting to the point of being ridiculous. I’m not a botter but i have 4 toons that i used to mine/manufacture/pvp, and spending 8 bill/month is getting to be a bit silly. i spent 7.6 bill this month to plex my accounts its basically all i make and a bit of skill selling to get me there now. and then have nothing left to buy new ships or other things. CCP needs to step in and stop this nonsense.

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They do, feel free to buy 1,3,6, or 12 months of gametime. As far as hobbies go, Eve is really cheap, just 36.5 cents a day.


I’m just assuming here, but why would anyone need to buy plex with $ when you can farm to your hearts content under the capital umbrella of your choice? It doesn’t surprise me with this campaign CCP has been pushing towards PVE players and such (not saying it’s bad necessarilly).

Less people playing the game and the ones that are still here are ratting in their Nyx or multiboxing Rorquals to earn their isk.

What change was that? Link por favor? :slight_smile:

Because time is our most precious commodity. We only have a limited amount of it. So now, we aren’t going to just allocate time to farming to get PLEX irrespective of how high the price goes. In fact, in labor economics the usual “rule” is that you work up to the point where the marginal utility of an extra hour of income is equal to the marginal utility of an hour of leisure time. At that point your leisure time is worth your after tax (implicit) wage. The higher the wage the more valuable your leisure time.

The implication here is that people with a high value of leisure are also earning a high income and it makes sense to buy PLEX from CCP and sell them. Conversely people with a low value of leisure time will be more inclined to grind and earn ISK to then convert it into game time.

Thus, people will not simply grind until they get a PLEX as the price rises…even with a capital umbrella.

Think of it this way. Suppose your after tax income is $20/hour. Further suppose you can rat for say 50 million ISK/hour. If 500 PLEX were say 1.5 billion you’d have to rat for 30 hours to get a enough ISK for a PLEX. Using our $20 that translates into $1,000 of “time”. Once the price hits 2.5 billion ISK it takes 50 hours of ratting.

However, by working 1 hour you can buy 30 days of Omega status and have about $5 left over. That left over $5 could be allocated towards PLEX which would net you 110 PLEX or about 550 million ISK for your wallet too. And you get to have 29 (or 49) hours of leisure time back and still be up 550 million ISK for ships and fun.

Edit: changed the PLEX price to be a bit closer to what we are currently seeing. The numbers are illustrative.

Also, suppose I decide to take “2 days worth of pay” (16 hours or so) and buy 1 year of Omega status and allocate the rest to PLEX I would have 1 year of Omega status and 5,300 PLEX to sell. And supposing I sold them all to buy orders in Jita (at current prices) we are talking about almost 20 billion ISK to fund whatever activities I want to engage in.


But people’s time is free so the PLEX they earn by farming ISK in their free time is free PLEX. :wink:



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OPPORTUNITY COST…oh…wait, sarcasm. Yes, I get it. :stuck_out_tongue:

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the one where L4’s will not be available to alphas


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Thanks…yes, I see the potential issue. Especially if the botting accounts had a pile of ISK already.

Edit: In thinking about this it could be partly due to the changes to Lvl 4s, but I’m guessing the run up in the ISK supply is more of the issue.

Thats balanced economy for you, after all the competent economists left to pursue academic careers, and CCP markewting jumped in for cashout.

No, go away.

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