Plex going up, is something going right?

Hi guys and gals (if there are gals here that is …)

So the plex prices are STILL going up, and its actually having a positive impact on the game. I just came from Reddit, and there is a whole lotta tools over there raging “cuz Rorqualz !!!” Seriously. Like for real.

LOL, just LOL !!!

More specifically they are beginning to throw tantrums cuz they forsee bleak multiboxing future as things continue and plex keeps rising.

Meanwhile, while this is bad for them its actually surprisingly good for rest of the game. Less multiboxing = less AFK ■■■■ and more active players instead. It also has an impact on botting. Bots of course have a buffer of X operational hours before they feel it, and many are alphas, but it will eventually catch up to them as well and actually help this game out from this perspective.

Overall, its also pretty funny and entertaining to watch the tools rage and I highly recommend for everyone to go check it out. Its a good laugh and will brighten many peoples day.

The funniest thing of all, is that its in large part them that are the very cause of this whole situation to begin with. And the amount of them that are over there trying to fault anything and everything else but themselves, is just ■■■■■■■ funny.


No. Rising PLEX prices hurt multiboxers the least because after the account has been trained up for its purpose you only have to finance the difference between PLEXing the account and the return value of skill extraction.

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I just bought PLEX and sold them to the market so it went pretty good for me being so costly

An item rises in price (in a game environment) for one of 4 reasons:

  • There is less supply. Generally this means players feel there is little value in buying Plex with cash and turning it into ISK anymore. Fewer Plex on the market means buyers need to compete for the limited supply, driving prices up.

  • There is substantially more ISK floating around (inflation). If players in general have significantly more ISK than they used to, and are trying to convert that ISK into Plex, then they will overbid the next guy more frequently, driving prices up.

  • Some group of players has enough ISK, and there is a limited enough Plex supply, that they feel they can buy up all the cheap Plex and resell it higher (market manipulation).

  • Players feel there is a reason coming down the road to stock up on Plex now (such as future changes by PA/CCP to monetize the game), and so while the supply hasn’t changed much, and ISK inflation hasn’t changed much, they are converting more of their ISK stockpiles into Plex ‘just in case’.

Personally I would guess the 4th reason is the issue here. However, I don’t really see any of these options as ‘things going right’.

Null, they have a lot of alts, also use this ISK to buy PLEX from market to pay omega alts.

It will hurt them as much as fast they are able to make ISK. :joy:


its a MMORPG so Many Men Online Role Playing Girls




yea …

You keep believing that lumpkin, meanwhile, i logged onto my alliance toon and this ■■■■ is getting hillarious on discord, and here i thought the ones raging on reddit were funny. LOL reddit ain’t got jack ■■■■ up on discord

It could be worse, there could be A/S/L spam in local every time someone with a feminine name or face pops up.


Plex already is a currency and a fund mechanism. Just pointing it out. It’s a vested trend for quite a while now, and in many way it functions as a golden standard in transfer mechanisms between power structures as well as said fund mechanism on a more general group / individual level. Any “now” is on top, triggering.

As CCP’s former economisch once upon a time projected as a concern for CCP as well as EVE, just in different ways.

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I can’t help it if you failed all your economy classes. But I’ll readily believe that your alliance mates match your intelligence.

To be honest, I don’t really think indulging in middle-management bafflegab really adds much to conversation. Maybe you feel better for using a lot of high-sounding words to say effectively nothing, so I guess whatever floats your boat.

You can “explicate the complexifying of the internal dynamics of the organically evolving situation” as much as you like. Doesn’t change the fact that for well over a year, Plex was in a steadily deflating trend. Now it is in a significant upward trend. There are reasons people vary what they are willing to pay for Plex. Those reasons change over time. That’s what the topic is about.

Pointing out that it is a currency is sort of like saying “Space is mostly vacuum, that’s why you can’t breathe it”.


Where are all those youtube economists who were sure plex was in a bubble and would burst at 1bil…


Well, apparently at least one of em is just a few replies up. LOL

he seems to be a self proclaimed and educamated aUThoRITy on this stuff

Pearl Abyss thanks you and all the other whales too impatient to play the way the OG devs intended.


^^^ This man gets it.

Its also ironic, that so many new (ish) people want to play exactly and precisely this way, with a bit of a twist on PvE side of it being modernized and whatnot. Instead of multiboxing or botting Rorqs or AFK VNI ratting, or super ratting or botting, and all that sorta ■■■■.

The amateurs have resorted to multiboxing to try and keep up :stuck_out_tongue:

Plex will simply continue as it has. Minor fluctuations on a gradual increase over time.

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Don’t forget the SP farms now …

I wonder how many of those actually are properly profitable, or sustainable tbh.

They go up and down, also, they don’t need to be entirely profitable, just close enough to it, since you can have the toons do other passive stuff at the same time as their SP farming, such as AFK VNI ratting or PI.

I’m a whale for spending $5? What does OG mean?