Plex price over the last 6 months

This is just a doubt I have. For over my whole time in this game I’ve been told that Plex is something that will always go up (not considering some discounts during the year). So, basically does anybody know or have an idea about what the duck is happening? Why Plex is pricing like some months of 2017?
Thank you!

Someone told you wrong. PLEX is sellable on the market like anything else. Supply and Demand of other stuff like moon minerals, or other changes thats happened, as messed with the PLEX pricing… Hypernet may have even played a role in it to an extent.

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PLEX was puffed up due to rampant and unmitigated krabbing for the last 3+ years. Now that CCP’s finally started to put some proper limits on the ISK faucets, it’s coming back down to it’s more accurate value.


I understand now. Thank you for your responses!

Big traders have had to liquidate assets lately to maintain market operations.

I’m not a big trader, but a medium one.

Under margin trading, I had 20 billion ISK tied up in escrow for buy orders at most times.

Now, I’m closer to 85b in orders, so I needed to raise about 65b in liquid ISK.

Had I been in possession of a PLEX stockpile, I’d have sold it to raise this capital. (Instead I sold other assets and exited the salvage market entirely)

Hence the PLEX selloff.

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Scoots hit it on the head,

The big Null Sec groups printing isk like it was going out of style were causing prices to become inflated because the value of isk was considered so low. But even with plex returning to what should be a normalized cost other things are now going to be puffed up due to the cost of minerals.

What changes have reduced the ISK faucet? Just the change of moon minerals?

Adjusting the 0.01 trade margin as well.
But then again, I believe bounty hunting must be controlled even more. Because it is a business of 1.7 T ISK average per day, at least this year. While market activities (market taxes and broker’s fees) absorb 1.1 T ISK average per day. Leaving up a gap of 18 T ISK on average per month.

Thanks for the feedback. When I look at January/February/March economic reports, I don’t see massive swings. Perhaps when April comes out it’ll show more.

March ISK Faucet/Sink Report:

February Report:

January Report:

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