Plex trading oddities

Was just pulling up a chart on recent transactions and noticed the oddity in Plex trading at Jita.

Since there’s a Plex sale on, it’s no surprise the volume traded has increased - volume traded has more than doubled. But with more offers on the market and trading, why would the average price increase from approx. 4.5M ISK to 5.4M?

That was even before someone bought Plex for 4.8 billion. Typo, or did someone post a trade big enough to flatline the history graph and hide something?

Curiouser and curiouser…

There’s a 2 for 1 extractor/daily alpha injector sale. Pretty sure people were buying PLEX to use to buy extractors/daily alpha injectors at a profit. Thus, the rise in PLEX prices.


Good point, thanks! I don’t trade in injectors (or Plex, normally) so had missed that sale. I suppose the 4.8 billion ISK Plex was some silly bugger trying to snap up a quick deal on some posted Plex and not watching his '000s.

Had the opposite happen on a purchase I made recently as well (price set too low by a set of 000s - although I refunded 80% of the value to the seller once I spotted it).

Traders should get in the habit of looking at the text description of the total amount as well - it’s easier to spot there where it says thousand, million or billion etc.

Looks very much like someone trying to buy out the PLEX market, & jack up the price.
Unfortunately it won’t stay up long enough …
the price will be down again in a week or so, and I predict that all they’ll have succeeding in doing is turning a lot of money, into a lot less money.

they were buying it out, up to 5.7m, and it’s already back down to 5.2

If someone actually tried that they’d be really dumb, that sorta thing might work in real world where commodity shortages might cause a squeeze, but not gonna happen when everyone can mine their wallets to benefit from high prices.

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