Buying 750k PLEX

Wtb bulk amounts of plex, (up to 750,000 units) at Jita Buy price. Looking to save some broker fees and I’m lazy. Save yourself some time and taxes, and send me all your plex in contracts, I usually check every day or so.

I’ll sell you 100k, but it would be at 4.45 a unit or I’ll make a loss.

ill take em

I can sell you 12k at 4.45 each

Contract up

ill take those.

Both other contracts accepted, thank you

Contract up sent from Bjorn Star

If still available, I have 11K PLEX for sale, 4.42M each

Other contracts accepted, and yes, ill take yours also Felipehuang


Contract up for 19355 at 4.45

Also may have another 20k if you’re interested tonight.

Sorry, was away a couple days… ill take all of em if you still have them

Hello, still accepting contracts at Jita buy?

Put a contract up for 38400 plex to you.

i dont see the contract, but yes, still accepting contracts.

Contract is up, thanks for the business as usual <3

accepted, ty

Made a contract to you for 22k PLEX at Jita buy!

Hi I have 8920 plex for 4.6 each if you are interested