Sold. Please Delete


Hey @I_wanna_Sell wanna trade for plex at 5.05m rate (jita split)? Would take 25.

Can do 25 for 5.00m a PLEX. PLEXES going down atm.
Up to you.


If you still have 40 of them, id be intrested in having you spit the contract in 2. So two x 17.4b

To be clear it would be to two different accounts.

Sure give me the two ACC name please.

Contract 1 to Astro Nantes and the other to Seraxi Nantes: I’ll be logging for the day, I’ll accept any contracts in the am.

Both Contracts up!

15 left

Last 15 left !

Contract I

Hello Diosa Roja,

Unfortunately run out of them, but will have bunch of new ones in couple days if you still interest ?

how long

If all go good no more then 48 Hours

I have 18 brand new :stuck_out_tongue:
Take all 18 and and price will be 850M per unit.


Still 18 left and ready to go!