15400 plex

3,300,000 each

Total price 50,820,000,000 ISK

contract this character with the above information

that’s a savings of 15mil ISK on a 50.8bil purchase.

If you are willing to offer some sort of an actual bulk discount, shoot Jin Jemai a mail ingame if you still have them.

Hi, if you still have plex, can you contract to me 1200 pls?


Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m almost 80k lower than the lowest Jita price or anywhere else.

Buy orders are 3,276,203 in Perimeter right now, after brokers fee that pushes it to about 3.29m each.

Anyone willing to buy 50bil worth of PLEX is going to be buying at Buy order price.

For a good price I’ll buy them all :smiley:

I’m gonna hold out at 3.3

Alrighty, let me know if you change your mind. I’ll buy it all for 50.5b if you end up wanting to do it quickly. Online with ISK in the wallet right now.

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huh contract me lol

Guess I should have tried 50 first, lol. Contract will be up in a moment.

WTB contract is up for you.

contract accepted

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