Selling Bulk Skill Extractors

Have 6000+ available, Jita Buy (currently 495m each, will try and update once a day). Just send me a contract for whatever amount you like.

Just ISK please, no trades. Jita 4-4 only.

Contract me 1 ingame

6,620 available

Dude don’t send 500mil/extractor contract when u not updating the price here feels like betrayed.

Jita Buy changes constantly… hence “currently” in the price. This is why i deal in bulk, so I don’t have to hear people cry about 5m isk. Send it back if you’re sad, and go buy one off the market for more.

I m not crying for 5 mil (1 Extractor) I m telling u to update you price when u selling them at different price.
keep your trash extractors in your dustbin cargo. I m gonna buy my rest extractors from someone else.

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Sent you a mail

5,800 still available

Contract up on alt for 600 extractors please at current jita buy (490.5m p/u)

accepted ty

Bought, thnx

Still selling? Contract up on alt for more extractors

accepted, sorry for the delay.

4,790 left.

bought, thanks!

never mind.

4,542 left, 490m ea

I’ll take 30

all contracts filled… Still plenty, just put up your own contract or let me know how many you’d like

Also, please make sure your contracts are at Jita 4-4, i cant move them.

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4230 left

exactly 4000 left. Jita buy is 504m, but still selling for 495m each