WTS Extractors Jita 4-4

Got around 5̶0̶0̶ for sale.

450 Left at 485m/e

Inventory updated

if you can do 470mil each, then contract 200 to me.


480 is as low as I can go.

do 475 and ill take 150 :slight_smile:

if 475mil each and items located in jita 4-4, contract 200 skill extractors to me.

wtb 10 extractors @480each

Contract up.

Stock updated

Thread cleaned of “Main Characters”

Hopefully the mods will clean this thread off and remove any trace of your dirty “Limited Manners”.

Thank you @ISD_Traindriver for removing the “Main Character” syndrome sufferers.

Updated inventory with new stock

what’s your price? if it is still 485mil, we would rather buy it using buy order in Jita 4-4.

For small orders the price is 485m/e and for bulk orders I can go a bit lower. Thus far I’ve had no problem selling, and the prices just keep going up.

ATM my prices are at or below buy order prices, which does not even account for the taxes, the time and the costs involved with setting and updating said orders every 5 minutes when they gets outbid. To each their own though, its a free market after all.

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