WTS Skill Extractors

I have top-of-the-line Skill Extractors in Jita 4-4. High quality, only premium materials used!

Let me know how many you need and I will set the contract.

Price: 445m/each

Contracts sent, new customers welcome

Still some left!

New Stock

Hello, how many you have ? Looking off 100 of them for a good price. Any offer / deal ?

Contract up, let me know if you need more.

Can you do a @440 M. each if I take 300 of them ?
I can accept contract around 20:00 eve time.

Sorry for the moment Iā€™m quite firm on the 445 floor level, especially as I could get more if I were to put them for sale on the open market (after tax and all).

Ok that so can you put.all 300 for @445 M. Each please ? I will accept the contract at 20:00 EvE time

Awesome, contract up for 300 Skill Extractors =)

Perfect, thanks. Will accept it today at 20:00 ish eve time.

Done, pleasure to do business with you.

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Thank you for your business!

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