WTS Skill Extractors (495m each)

Skill extractors for sale! 495m each.

Make me a WTB contract or send me an in game mail. 300+ available

Sourced only from the best clinics in New Eden, these extractors are clean and ready to use!

Still have stock to sell!

WTB 40 skill extractor 485M each, contract to Feya

Sorry that offer is too low based on current prices.

Still have more to sell!

Buy my extractors! They give you wings!

Still have more to sell! Message me to discuss discounts for bulk orders.

Still have more to sell! Come and get ‘em!

New stock and price lowered!

Still for sale!

Still have a bunch for sale!

Contract created

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Thanks for your business!

Still have tons to sell, currently cheaper than Jita buy! 495m a piece.

Make me a WTB contract!

(send me a mail once contract is up for a faster response)

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