WTS Skill Extractors (SOLD OUT)

All sold out for now!

you can contract them all to me (in lots of 100) for 435 each and I will take the lot

Contract up, but had to do one lot of 500 since I can only create one contract at a time due to being alpha.

Let me know if you need me to change anything.

Still for sale!

Still selling these extractors!

Still have many to sell!

400 left! Willing to make a deal for bulk purchases.

Still selling!

Price lowered to 435m each!

Couple hundred left to sell!

contract me 20. thanks!

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Contract up from my extremely reliable friend “Skill Injector Junkie”

Just over 300 left to sell. Willing to do a nice bulk discount if someone takes them all!

mail sent

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need 23pcs please

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Taking 25 of them please.

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Thank you for accepting your contracts!

Another 300ish left to sell! Willing to cut a deal if someone takes them all.

Just over 200 left! Get them while they last!

Still selling!

I’ll take 10.

Thank you.

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I’ll take 225, or however many you have left.

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