WTS Skill Extractors (SOLD OUT)

All sold out for now.

Thank you all for your purchases! I hope to be back in stock soon.

Back in stock! 200 more for sale, who will take them first!

445m each

Mail me for faster response!

Contract me 50 please. Thanks

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I’m technically sold out but I’ll dip into my monthly private stash just for you my man :wink:

I’ve set up a contract at a slightly higher price since selling to buy orders currently gets you more than 445m.

To all you other extractor junkies, please wait 1-2 weeks for new stock to come in. And please remember to always drain responsibly!

Many thanks!

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And we’re back with more of the cleanest skill extractors on the market!

500 for sale. 475m each

Get them while prices are still low!

(Mail me in game for faster contracts)

Still selling!

Prices lowered to reflect current market conditions!

For a limited time get your extractors for ONLY 430m each!

200 left, get them while prices are low!

Please contract all 200 to Levon bedros. Thanks!

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Ill take whatever you have remaining, contract to Golden CEO. Many thanks!

I’m so sorry but I just sold out yesterday!

Should have more in stock within a few weeks. See all you junkies then, and please remember to extract responsibly!

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Aaaaaaand we are back in stock!

500 for sale, 450m each

Mail me for faster contracts or to arrange bulk deals.

Come get these at fair prices before they are all gone!


Price reduced to 444m each, lower than Jita buy!

Bigger discounts available for bulk orders of 200+

HO HO HO have a happy holiday!

Still selling these holiday extractors at firesale prices! :fire:

Only 444m each! With bulk discounts available for orders of 200+

Please, contract 378 to me, ty. I count on the discount :slight_smile:

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Happy holidays to all you extractor junkies!

New stock incoming today! Place your orders!

Prices still discounted at 444m each, with lower prices available for orders of 200+

Still selling at reduced HOLIDAY PRICES! Lower than Jita buy!

444m each, bulk discounts for 200+ available.

Please remember to extract responsibly!

Still selling at well below Jita buy!