What Does the Newly Announced "Global Plex Market in Jita" Mean for Plex Prices?

CCP announced a new global Plex market is coming to new eden later this year or early next year, via Eve Vegas Keynote.
It will allow players to buy/sell plex in jita from anywhere in the game at anytime.
My understanding of this is if you are in Delve and you have plex with you IN DELVE, you can simply click sell and it will be sold on the one plex market, in jita.
So essentially no one has to go to jita for plex? Im not exactly sure on how the delivery mechanic works…
But the topic here is, with all these players now buying and selling off one market vs ALL DIFFERENT REGIONS, what impact if any will this have on PLEX prices?
Will it drive them down, will manipulations of plex markets last shorter periods of time as they stabilize faster with more transactions?
Thank you for your time,

Very short term price drop, before all regions’ supply inevitably stabilizes to the same Jita price we have now.


I think it has to be in your plex vault. Which isn’t geolocated. You could, for example, have an alt (on the same account) in jita, drop the plex into you plex vault in delve, then log onto the jita alt to sell it. This is just removing that alt requirement.

One things about this: It’ll be in Jita 4-4 CNAP (I suspect). Which makes manipulation a touch harder, due to fees.

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@Steve_Ronuken I look forward to the implementation and subsequent data to see how it goes, hopefully well enough to pave the way for future market improvements.
Keep up the great work CCP/CSM/EVE PLAYERS! o7

Price goes up, because now more people can trade PLEX at the same time.

Steve up there is correct, yet it doesn’t mean everyone did that.
It’s most likely that most people didn’t.

The serious traders have alts in all relevant markets,
but the vast majority of people don’t.

When you suddenly have a global market where everyone can participate easily,
then the novelty factor and ease of use combined lead to an increase in participants.

An increase of participants leads to an increase in price.


good points made here.
if you are correct, and prices go up, how much higher do you think they go?
current price is say 3.4mil each,
future price higher is what 5 mil, 8 mil?

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I don’t think about this, at all,
because doing so achieves absolutely nothing at all.

thinking about an investment in terms of entry point and exit points gives you an idea of what you want to get done ie goals i the form of return on investment for your time.
So if you think the plex is going up, one would buy now at say 3.4 and sell at a price they believe would be near the top like 4.4 or 5.4 or whatever.
holding indefenitely or going long is an option, but I think you end up missing opportunities to cash out with a profit.
for example I bought shield extender I in jita for 8k and have now sold a bunch in jita for 99k, only because the opportunity presented itself, if the market did t go up i would have simply used them on my dirt cheap pvp fits to keep learning, right now im learning how to tackle better because I suck at it.
Another example is trit, i bought trit back when it was 3.5 and sold it at like 4.1 or 4.5 but trit went up to 7, so i sold way too early, but i still locked in those gains.
entry points and exit points, lock in those gains, roi and kpportunity cost, all things to consider.

I’m not going to waste time on thinking about how high it could go, or might go, or might not go, because I’m not a fortune teller and it doesn’t really matter at all.

I don’t waste my time on these things.
I buy low, I sell high. Boom, profit.

The only important part is knowing when to buy, when to sell,
when NOT to buy and when NOT to sell.

Always works. Always. In game, in real life, always.
Not the first time, not the last time, works every time.

If I spent that much energy on such useless brainfuckery I’d not be happy about my money and I can tell, because there were times (literally half a year, 10h a day) I spent watching past charts, real time charts, observing swings, development and how it influences prices. All nonsense in the end, because it doesn’t help doing it forever and just keeps making things more complicated, eventually hiding the simplicity of trading behind a huge cloud of unnecessary nonsense.

I don’t care, I’m neither greedy nor a beancounter.
Being driven by greed is the dumbest thing ever.

I know you mean well, but you’re not actually helping.
The difference between making 100k and making 120k is meaningless to me.

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so the only points you consider are entry point, abd if you look at it again you find an exit point depending on if the price has gone up then you sell it?
i believe that still require thought and effort.
if i buy and i know and exit point i set it immediately and forget about it for 3 months. happy with the isk or if i see it in my deli erirs 90 days later i know it needs to be resold.

Basically … yeah? I could as well just put up a sell order, but that’s boring. In the past I’ve used to have 300 orders and updated them constantly, but that’s a horrible way of burning yourself out. Nowadays I just buy, wait, sell eventually. Sometimes I don’t sell and forget.

Right now I have a billion ISK worth of something needed to build something. Well, the stack was worth a billion when I bought it. Now it’s worth more, of course. Checked last week. I have no doubts that it’s just going to go up … and up … and up. I have no worries. :slight_smile:


ok i understand, it seems like you stock up on items you need, and either use it or sell it depending on whats more profitable.
its pretty smart.

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Nobody knows. It’s a risk you gotta take

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It is true that past performance is not indicative of future results, and dont invest more than you can afford to lose also.
I believe thorough analysis of relavant information can lead to more successful trades. Specifically knowing the variables that effect plex prices, the ones the are knowable, plus the variables that are unknowable to generate a dynamic range, also factoring in for various black swan events, and boom you got a gameplan.
But like most battlefields, to be successful in the Eve marketplace you need to keep your head on a swivel and adjust based on the changing battlefield conditions.

How do you define “more successful”?

Let’s put it another way:
If I knew PLEX prices were going to go up to 15m a piece in a week, would I tell you and potentially everyone else who browses forums? No, ofc not I’ll be liquidating my assets while buying all the PLEX I can. If a bunch of people started buying, the price would rise too quickly and I wouldn’t be able to buy all the cheap PLEX.
No reason to give out free money to random people

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More successful trades rather than failed ones, a successful trade generally speaking is turning a profit for me.

This is where we differ then, because if I know prices are going up I am telling everyone here.
ie gas market post i did the other day minutes after CCP Rise announced it at Vegas day 2.

It will be easier to manipulate, whatever the intention of the manipulation will be however prices ofr both buying and selling will be kept the same through out all regions leaving no advantage to buy/sell for more or less depending on different regions/supply/demand.

It makes sense really because why would you buy PLEX for a worse price anywhere else when it is free and safe to transport it there is no need to pay a different price fore more elsewhere or sell it for less somewhere with cheaper buy orders.

Honestly, despite the possible threat of more open manipulation on the market they should be taking this direction with all high value trade items, extractors, injectors, skins, etc.

I’d be happier to see this happen and eliminating the ability of players to set up their own markets in NPC space without being forced to use NPC stations and pay their appropriate fees with regards to factions in those empires’ regions.

Player owned markets should be focused in player owned space so there is a region to buy and sell such things between the players who interact with one another in their own alliances.

Overall though it won’t favor manipulation en mass since most of these items are all bought and sold in the same regions anyways where prices vary in only insignificant margins. The real change I see is making it less possible for smaller scale activity to take advantage of differences in price between other regions outside of where the bulk of supply is moving on the market.

Again, the main point being there is a PLEX vault and you can move your PLEX into it from anywhere and take it out anywhere so transport is irrelevant PLEX is now an actual currency in it’s own regard except that you can still put it into a cargo like an actual item, for whatever reasons someone might still do that.

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