[Dev Blog] EVE Portal - Jita PLEX Market

Just what EVE needs, more developer time spent on F2P cash shop garbage instead of actual game content.


:red_circle: You cannot even manage your orders anymore because updating orders is prohibitively expensive now. Typical CCP development.

I was pissed when I heard about this in the Pulse video. It would have made for a great April Fool’s joke, but the fact that it’s real? Here are the problems:

  • This is something we don’t need that’s going to benefit a stupid small selection of players who could have done this on their computers. This was a total waste of developer time and effort that could have been spent on actually developing the game
  • Since this is specific to Jita, this goes against efforts to wean players off of Jita, off of NPCs to Upwell POSes, and off of high-activity regions to lower-activity regions. It would have been slightly better if the PLEX pool spanned the entire Universe, but that would still pose problems.
  • This is stupid

I can probably come up with more reasons but those are the major points. Enough said.


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Lmao facepalm why in the world was this created? Those that sell/buy plex don’t do it in Jita.

Who’s selling PLEX in Jita when one jump away you can pay less tax and get more ISK for your buck?

Nobody asked for this. Least of all anyone selling PLEX in volume.

I mean, just look at where the PLEX is actually listed for sale. It’s not 4-4.

Should have been a TTT app :wink:

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I don’t see the utility of that feature.
With the last change with the broker fee , any “big” transaction (> 200-300M) is heavily taxed .
You put your order and then you can’t move it without big loss , the risk of a big pile of dead order ( order just sitting in the market) is real .

Thanks, app uninstalled…

I’m shocked to see this.
They redid the market system to squash bots only to create a new area these bots can now thrive on. What a well intention bad decision. This is disappointing.

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